Are We Over Lip Gloss

It has been a while since I opened up the comment section for a beauty discussion instalment; the thing on my mind and not my lips is lip gloss. Oh how I loathe it, I'm sure I'll be eating my words when the lip gloss trend makes a come back in the coming years but for now I'm happy to live without it...

It doesn't seem all that long ago, that I was the proud owner and wearer of several pink, clear and nude lip glosses. A collector if you will. All the way through high school, myself and friends would pour over the beauty stands in Boots deciding which lip gloss we would add to our collection next - back then it was more often than not a Bourjois or Barry M offering with dreams of one day owning a Lancome Juicy Tube just like our elder sisters. As a teen I (and others) deemed lipstick to be the grown up, dated choice - something that our less than hip teachers and Grandmothers wore, a product we would avoid at all costs.

Oh how the times have changed, I couldn't tell you the last time I purchased a lip gloss let alone wore one - I'm guessing it has been years rather than weeks or months. For me it isn't necessarily about the glossy finish, rather I have an issue with the sticky texture - couple that with long hair, public transport, a fairly windy location and you have a recipe for disaster. Removing your own hair from your sticky pout is one thing, general city debris is another thing...grim.

Are We Over Lip Gloss

The sticky texture is slowly becoming a thing of the past, with brands such as YSL introducing glossy, oil based lip shades but the high, attention grabbing sheen of a gloss can't be replaced - it would defeat the purpose of the product otherwise. As silly as it may seem, I feel more self concious when slicking on a lip gloss than I do a red lipstick, not only does it make me feel childish but the glossy finish, draws attention to my already large lips which is not something I'm ever all that keen on doing. My own issue of course but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way?

My change of attitude towards lip gloss isn't a case of maturing and discovering what is best for my needs, rather it seems to be a universal shift change. Neither of my younger sisters as much as look at lip gloss, deeming it to be passée; my Mother notes the sticky texture as more hassle than it is worth and my peers, well if a Twitter conversation is anything to go by we are all about matte liquid lipsticks and plenty of lip liner. Great for matte lipstick creators, not so much for chapped winter lips.

I'm keen to know where others stand in regards to lip gloss, are you of the same mind set as myself or do you have a go to gloss that you'd never abandon? Do share.