A Facial SPF For Every Skin Type and Budget

When it comes to applying SPF to anywhere other than my face, I'm not all that particular - it simply has to be non-greasy, offer a high protection factor and of course shield from UVA and UVB rays. The basics really, however for my facial needs it does become a little more complicated. I need my facial SPF to deliver all of the above but it mustn't be the direct cause of skin irritation, clog my pores nor alter any make up applied on top. Easier said than done? Not really no and the good news is that there is great facial SPF for every skin type and budget. Let me share my five must try options...

A Facial SPF For Every Skin Type and Budget

Budget - Solait Anti-Ageing Face Fluid SPF50 (£3.99/50ml)

Despite costing less than £5 this facial SPF ticks several boxes, not only does it protect against UVA and UVB rays but the thick texture is ideal for moisturising dry and/or mature skin types. Yes it does feature a denser consistency but Solait Anti-Ageing Face Fluid SPF50 is non-greasy, doesn't clog the pores and settles to a naturally matte finish - perfect for before make-up application. I would deem this to be a great choice for most but would avoid if you have an overly oily complexion as it won't fully absorb when applied to such skin type.

Summed up - Cheap, deeply moisturising, mattifying and ideal for dry/mature complexions.

Dry/Sensitive Skin - Eucerin Sun Cream for the Face for Sensitive Skin (£15/50ml)

When I have an Eczema flare up, my day to day SPF choice is Eucerin Sun Cream for the Face for Sensitive Skin. A cream based formulation that is gentle, non-sticky and non-irritating even when applied to broken skin. Again this does have a thicker texture and is fairly hydrating to rebalance dried out complexions, despite this it absorbs fairly quickly and doesn't overwhelm my oily skin type. Again Eucerin Sun Cream for the Face for Sensitive Skin is suitable for using before make-up application but it does not have a matte finish - rather it can leave the skin looking a little shiny if used as a stand alone product.

Summed up - Gentle, moisturising and doesn't sting when applied on broken skin such as Eczema.

Oily Skin - Nivea Protect & Bronze Face Cream SPF30 (£8/50ml)

A gentle, lightweight lotion like facial SPF that is quick to absorb - Nivea Protect & Bronze Face Cream SPF30 is the perfect option for even the oiliest of skin types. As an added bonus this does not irritate my often sensitised complexion, nor is it greasy (again great for under make-up), all with a waterproof formulation so that you can rely on it come rain or shine. Yes this is my choice for oily skin but if you simply prefer a lighter consistency for facial products this is one to pick up, which you can pretty much anywhere (supermarkets, Boots et al) for just £8.

Summed up - Lightweight, non-greasy, budget friendly and waterproof.

Mature Skin - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense for Face SPF50

Yes I am in my twenties but I do have a Mother and Grandmother who happily (so may say they are a tad too keen) trial products for me. My Grandmother particularly enjoys Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense for Face SPF50; the protective, healing and deeply moisturising formulation plumps, hydrates and shields against the damaging sun rays. The thick, almost balm like texture of this product makes light work of even the driest of skin and along with plumping, it also adds a little radiance to the complexion too. On young skins this can be a little overwhelming and dare I say greasy, if you are however looking for a soothing, restorative facial SPF this is the one for you. I consider it to be an SPF and after sun all rolled into one.

Summed up - Deeply hydrating, healing, protective and radiance boosting.

Acne Skin - Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45 (£26/30ml)

Obviously not everyone will feel the same but due to Acne I'm not overly confident in regards to my complexion thanks to scarring. For that reason I adore Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45; a lightly tinted liquid SPF that is non-greasy, a breeze to apply and despite offering a little coverage it looks entirely natural on the skin. I use this most days under foundation as it is so weightless yet protective (it can help to prevent hyper pigmentation due to sun damage). It is also my go to product, should I be lounging beside a pool as it somewhat disguises scarring and general redness without feeling nor looking like foundation. If I could only use one facial SPF for the rest of my life it would be this.

Summed up - lightweight, protecting, all with a light veil of coverage.

What is your favourite, daily SPF product?