10 Things Fellow Beauty Bloggers Have Taught Me

When I first started beauty blogging four years ago (time flies huh?), I never for one moment thought I'd be still blogging all these months later; nor did I think I would pick up a wealth of tips, tricks and advice. Beauty blogging has taught me more than any beauty book could, the magic of it all is that it free and often wrote in far easier to digest language - come 11pm I'm in no mood for flowery linguistic skills. I'll admit, that along the way I have forgotten who taught me what (sorry!) but to whoever it was, thank you. In the spirit of paying it forward let me share a few nuggets of beauty blogging inspired wisdom...

10 Things Fellow Beauty Bloggers Have Taught Me

- The MAC Back to MAC programme, before I was a beauty blogger I had no idea such concept existed. As little as a few years ago I was binning all my empty MAC products, unaware that if I saved up five depleted products, I would receive a brand new MAC lipstick of my choice. It was equal levels of elation (hello new lipstick) and annoyance (think of all those missed out free lipstick opportunities) on such day.

- A good few everyday beauty products can be used in place of an eyeshadow primer. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy and swear by Urban Decay Primer Potion as much as the next person but sometimes I forget to pack my trusty purple tube of primer. If caught short liquid or cream concealer can and will keep eyeshadow in place, as will a thin layer of foundation.

- Beauty products are often more multi-purpose than brands may let on - for instance powder face bronzer can double up as a great eyeshadow: be it to define the crease area, as a transitional shade or of course as an all over wash of colour. In the same light, some of the best grey toned powder contour powders I have stumbled across have been found within an eyeshadow palette.

- To further add to the above point, cream eyeshadows are so much more than a quick and easy eyeshadow option. Certain shades can not only be used as an eyeshadow base but also liquid eyeliner and in certain instances as cream blushes/bronzers and even a matte lipstick (do check it is lip safe before use).

10 Things Fellow Beauty Bloggers Have Taught Me

- Loose pigments may be messy but everyone should own a few, they can of course be used as a powder eyeshadow, blusher or general cheek product such as a blush, bronzer or highlighter. They can also be added to clear mascara to create your own brow gel or bold mascara, mix with Vaseline/lip balm for a custom lip shade. The can also be dabbed over any lipstick to create a bold matte lip, I like MAC Neon Orange pigment over red lipstick for the brightest, boldest red/orange shade imaginable.

- Creating your own gradual tanner is also fairly easy, simply blend a little tanning lotion or cream (avoid mousse formulas) into a body lotion and apply as normal. I find a 60:40 ratio (60% tanner:40% moisturiser) works best, this way you get both a hit of bronze and plenty of additional moisture for your body - a great way to use up all your Summer self tanners come the colder seasons and of course perk up a pale complexion.

- Powder foundations are great for disguising redness or visible veins on the eyelids, especially if you are seeking to create a minimal beauty look. Unlike traditional powder eyeshadows they offer more coverage without a heavy sensation.

- The double cleanse; where would we be without the double cleanse? My pores would be a lot more clogged and my skin would probably be in dire straights, that's for sure. I will admit that I don't properly double cleanse i.e using an oil based cleanser and then a water cleanser. Rather I wash my face twice with the same balm cleanser to ensure every scrap of make up and general grime is removed. I do tend to reserve such method for days/evenings in which I wear heavy foundation/make up.

- Sleep in your dry shampoo rather than applying it in the AM, tossing and turning in your sleep will not only ensure that every trace of dry shampoo is absorbed (goodbye residue) but will also create natural volume. It truly revolutionised dry shampoo for me.

10 Things Fellow Beauty Bloggers Have Taught Me

I can also thank the internet for turning me on to the wonders that are Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera gel and dry brushing, along with enabling of Etsy purchases and so much more.

What is the best tip/piece of advice you have learnt courtesy of a beauty blogger?