The Best MAC Collections

To know me, is to know I am a huge MAC fan girl. Yes I did just type the words fan and girl in regards to make up, let's move it along shall we?

For the longest while my make up collection was 99% MAC centric, as a teen it was all I saved my money for - I lived for trips to MAC. Fast forward a few years later and I have been known to queue up outside my local branch, to ensure I snag the latest collection. It is an obsession, however recently I have been a little disappointed and distant in regards to the limited edition launches. Perhaps I'm nostalgic for MAC collections past?

My favourite ever MAC collections was Barbie Loves MAC - an array of bright pink lip colours, pastel toned eyeshadows and beautiful highlighting powders. It encapsulated all things Barbie (well packaging aside) and young teen me, lapped it up - I don't think any other collection, MAC or otherwise has come close in terms of anticipation for a cemented launch date. To this day I still dream of owning another tube of Barbie Loves MAC Malibu Barbie lipgloss - it was the perfect, almost neon pink and what all my old Barbie dolls undoubtedly sported. The black casing style of such collaboration was anti-climatic, I guess bright, glossy pink plastic wouldn't have had such a broad appeal?

The Best MAC Collections

I also really enjoyed MAC to the Beach collection - a range of beach ready lipsticks and who can forget the utterly irresistible Sea Horse adorned MAC Marine Life Highlighting Powder. A product so pretty that I'm sure many of us took longer than we care to admit to as much as swatch let alone use.

I can't write a post about my favourite MAC collections of all time and not at least give a nod to MAC Venomous Villains Collection. A smoky and brilliantly themed collective of mineralised eyeshadows and matte blushes - it was Disney themed without being cheesy and a collection many of us wish would some sort of comeback.

Recently there has been a few disappointments in terms of limited edition MAC packaging. So many, myself included believed that MAC could have did so much more with Cinderella and Maleficent and Marge Simpson Collections. Here's hoping that any future Disney inspired launches will be more exciting?

My favourite launch in terms of packaging has be either MAC Heatherette Collection, bright pink casings with holographic accents. Some may say it was gaudy but it was all my MAC make up dreams were made of as a youngster and to some extent now too. I missed out on MAC Heatherette but if it was to make a rival I'd be first in line, bank card in hand and a cheesy grin slapped on my face.

So over to you, what is your favourite MAC collection of all time and why?
And what franchise would you love MAC to pair up with next?