Should You Cleanse Your Face in the Morning

You spend a good proportion of the evening washing, moisturising, toning and maybe even exfoliating your face,  ensuring it is thoroughly clean and treated for a night of beauty sleep. For most, we do this to ensure that the face is free from make up, general grime and sebum. As you may know if traces are left behind, they can clog the pores and result in blemishes - something the vast majority of us actively try to avoid.

However it is equally as important that you cleanse your face in the morning too. Why? Well first of all when we sleep, we sweat and produce excess oil - some more so than others but we all do it, especially in the currently humid weather. Is said sebum harmful to the skin? No, it is entirely natural but in some cases if not rinsed away it can not only result in clogged pores but pesky blemishes too.

If like myself you use various lotions and potions before tucking yourself into bed, it is equally important that come the AM, you cleanse your face to ensure all traces of product are removed, however invisible they may seem to the naked eye. Oddly such product residue from evening use can alter the finish or effectiveness of any product, make up or skin care centric applied on top. This is something I never as much as considered before; sure I cleanse my face each morning, more so out of habit than anything else. A routine installed within me as a child but if anything it is more important now, as a product hoarding/wearing/slinging (delete as appropriate) adult than it was back then. Thanks Mum!

Forget double cleansing in the morning, your skin doesn't require it  - simply find a gentle cleanser that best suits your skin's needs. I tend to skip anything oil based (too much effort when bleary eyed) and go for cream cleansers in the AM, my personal favourite is Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream but I have been know to use and enjoy The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. Both are great to quickly refresh and cleanse the skin and are not drying in the slightest and a perfectly suit to most, if not all skin types.