Best of Boots Own Brand Products

When I head to Boots it is very rare that I pay attention to Boots own branded products, there is no real reason other than I'm easily lured in by the bright and more expensive cosmetic stands. Then again aren't we all? However often tucked away in a forgotten corner within Boots, is a range of every day essential items and tools, that every person will most likely need at some point but won't necessarily want to pay over the odds for? Enter Boots basics.

Best of Boots Own Brand Products

I've openly said I'm not the biggest fan of foundation brushes but I have tried enough in my time to be able to differentiate between a dud and a great find. The Boots Foundation Brush (£8), is one of the more pricer products within the range but I truly do deem it to be of wonderful quality. The tapered brush head, coupled with the weighted handle allows for precise application be it foundation or cream products (blush/bronzer/highlighter), the bristles are soft and synthetic yet aid flawless application. I kid you not when I say this £8 brush is on par with a MAC brush.

Another surprise find is Boots Eyelash Curlers, the small frame is a little more weighted than I am used to, I do however find it gently and effectively adds a curl to my notoriously straight and soft eyelashes. If the Boots Eyelash Curlers can bend my flimsy lashes they will work wonders on just about anyone. At £4.50 a set, really what do you have to loose?

As someone who only really uses tweezers to pluck the odd brow hair and apply false eyelashes, I do tend to go for a more pocket friendly option - both in price and size. Boots Precision Tweezers (£3.50) are not only easy to grasp thanks to the rubber coating but the slanted tip, grips on to the smallest brow hairs and applies false lashes with ease. Easily one of the better sets of tweezers I have owned in recent years.

Best of Boots Own Brand Products

Can I be entirely honest? I don't always remember to use a base coat and then have the gall to complain about stained nails. Some people never learn, also the above photo is not my attempting to be artistic; I dropped the bottle, the contents spilled out and I made the best of a bad situation. I can not find the Boots Base Coat online but rest assure it retails for under £5 and not only protects the nails from polish staining but also flaking and breakage too. As an added bonus it gently tints the nails, leaving behind a glossy finish should you want to wear it solo. It could also be used over dark and pink/red toned polishes to seal the nails.

One more confession to round off the post? I'm not entirely fussy when it comes to nail files nor nail polish remover. I have very little in terms of demands from either product, all I ask is that nail polish remover does just that - removes polish and that a nail file is not glass based. The fun design of the Boots Cushioned Nail Files (£2.25 for two) instantly appealed to me; the fact that they are large, quick and easy to use only sealed the deal. Boots Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads may not be the best around but they are cheap, quick, mess free not to mention they don't sting nor dry out the nail beds. The small tub design makes them ideal for stashing away for emergencies or of course travel.

What other Boots own brand products am I missing out on? Go on, enable me.

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