Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Neom Feel Good On the Go Collection

Neom Feel Good On the Go Collection

Travelling isn't always the most relaxing of situations; first you have the often stressful journey and then the task of making your hotel, b&b or rented accommodation a home away from home - armed with a limited array of products. Luckily travel sized toiletries have come a long way in the last few years, the newest addition to my carry on bag is the miniature Neom Feel Good On the Go Collection. Travel just became a little more enjoyable and luxurious.

Neom Feel Good On the Go Collection

As the name somewhat hints, Neom Feel Good On the Go Collection is a collective of well loved and best selling Neom products in dinky, travel ready bottles. The entire range is split into four scent categories, that rely on the power of aromatherapy to boost and calm: Neom Burst of Energy - to boost energy, Neom Great Day - to uplift, Neom Real Luxury - to de-stress and Neom Tranquillity - to promote a good nights sleep. There is something for everyone and every mood, not to mention the miniature sizing is great for popping into a bag, or of course trying out a new product with limited commitment and of course at a reduced price.

Neom Feel Good On the Go Collection

As someone who is highly strung at the best of times, coupled with sleeping problems, I can not recommend the Neom Tranquillity collection enough - particularly the Good to Go sizing. We've all been aboard an uncomfortable flight or rammed on to a train for several hours, wishing for a little extra space and comfort? This is where Neom Tranquillity Deep Sleep Treatment comes in handy, a quick few dabs on the pulse points and I instantly feel more soothed and relaxed. If on a flight, I do find that it helps me sleep a little easier too. To make a hotel or rented room feel a little more homely, all the while promoting a night of great sleep there is Neom Tranquillity Bath & Shower Oil; a luxury oil that soothes and calms the senses, while nourishing the skin. To ensure you sleep like a well fed baby, away from home there is also Tranquillity Pillow Mist - simply spray on the bed linens (and maybe even your nightwear), climb in and feel well rested the next day. It may just help you adjust to a new time zone too!

Neom Feel Good On the Go Collection

With Neom Feel Good On the Go Collection, you can have a touch of luxury and aromatherapy in the most hectic of situations and all without breaking the bank. It is what stressed out travellers have been waiting for, in fact you may just look forward to long journey.

You can find the entire Neom Feel Good On the Go Collection via Neom for £8 per product - link.

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  1. I was reading this thinking these would be great to use just before an exam. A couple of people bring aromatherapy oils in with them and things like that and this sounds like a better (less disruptive) option xx



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