Superdrug Body Wash for Men

I think we can all agree that the vast majority of beauty products, if not all can be deemed as unisex? Great, because I have just stumbled across an excellent rang of shower gels from Superdrug that won't break the bank, all the while offering fairly exotic and unusual scents. Fragrances I have yet to find elsewhere. As an added bonus, the Superdrug Body Washes for Men double up as shampoo too!

I have no idea why most brands assume that all men must want an aquatic scented showering product? I'm sure they'll argue that it sells well but when the only grooming option on the shelves is just that, it leaves next to no other option. I'm glad to see that Superdrug are bucking the trend, providing at least three bright, fruity and unconventional fragrance options at just £1.39 each - appealing on more than one level, wouldn't you agree?

I first noticed the Superdrug Hair and Body Washes for Men, while on a quest for a ginger based showering product - I'm a little obsessed with Ginger in general you see. A quick online search led me to Superdrug Body Wash for Men in Blood Orange and Ginger - the rest as they say is history. Sadly the Blood Orange and Ginger is more reminiscent to orange, almost in a jaffa cake sense than it is Ginger based - zesty, sweet, refreshing and very uplifting. For those looking for something a little more invigorating then you need to add Superdrug Body Wash for Men in Eucalyptus and Lime to your basket - combined with the heat of a shower, it really clears the mind (and to some extent nasal passage, great if you have a cold) and helps kick start even the gloomiest of Mondays. My personal favourite has to be Superdrug Body Wash for Men in Ginseng and Guarana - a fragrance option you seldom see on the UK highstreet. I'd deem it to be almost floral yet punchy and herbal at the same time, it is calming, familiar yet a little exotic and luxury. You really need to try this for yourself, even if just for the somewhat novelty factor.

I do think that when it comes to shower gels - the whole male and female divide is pointless; chose the scent you like and enjoy, it really is as simple as that. The Superdrug Body Washes for Men are: beautifully fragrant which linger without overpowering, lather well, offer great cleansing ability and don't dry out the skin. I can't say I have been tempted to use any of the three body wash variants as shampoo but I have no reason to believe that they won't be adequate.

I may have to borrow from the boys more frequently if this is the result.

Superdrug Body Wash for Men £1.39 each via Superdrug - link.