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Asking For a Friend - Your Take on Coloured Mascara

Why You Should Try Colourful Mascara

Coloured mascara is back, forget dated 1980's electric blue tones but rather muted and flattering shades that have been created to add a little drama and enhance the natural eye colour. With brands such as Benefit and Clinique, leading the way with subtly tinted mascaras; it is only a matter of a time before they filter once again onto the high street.

Why You Should Try Colourful Mascara

Before I share my take on colourful mascara options, I must ask why the sudden invasion? It doesn't seem like it was all that long ago, that I really had to pay attention to the shade of the mascara before purchasing. A few years ago coming home with a black/brown mascara or even a blue tint by mistake was an all too real, easy mistake to make. Now you'd be hard pushed to find a brown, let alone a blue mascara with ease amongst the beauty stands in Boots or Superdrug. Forty variations of black, yes but a brown mascara is hard to come by. Maybe the demand wasn't there but I'm all but certain that bright mascara is on its way back, adjust yourself accordingly.

Why You Should Try Colourful Mascara

As a blonde with blue/green eyes I have long mourned the demise of brown mascara. The somewhat orange undertone offered a more natural and less harsh option to tinting my lashes, all the while exaggerating the natural tone of my eyes. It was and is a great day time option, not to mention for some it can double up as a brow gel. I couldn't be happier to see the return of brown mascara and wholeheartedly recommend Benefit They're Real Mascara in Beyond Brown and Collection Colour Lash Mascara in Brown, apply and watch your eyes pop. Brown mascara doesn't discriminate, it illuminates blue, brown, green and all that is in between eye shades - more of an investment than novelty.

Why You Should Try Colourful Mascara

For those feeling a little more adventurous the new and limited edition Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara is what you have been waiting for. With green, blue, plum and even a shade that leans a little red toned, there really is something for every taste and need for that matter. The beauty of such range is that they are not outrageously tinted, although blue, green or plum they are more jewel toned than bright - think of them as a blackened blue and so forth. They are so flattering, a little more unusual than your typical black mascara and dare I say it brightening. Unlike a carbon black mascara the hint of colour seems to really lighten up the eyes, to see the effect in person is to believe. If a true shot of blue is what your heart desires, then I fully recommend checking out Benefit They're Real Mascara in Beyond Blue or Collection Extreme Colour Mascara - both are shocking in tone yet oddly easy to wear.

If like myself you steer clear of colourful options by any means for the eye area, yet would like to cash in on the eye enhancing abilities of bright mascara - I recommend using the bolder shade as a base coat and then layering your usual black mascara on top. By doing so, you add a nuance to the black tint that still brightens the eyes and overall complexion but is only noticeable in certain lights. As dated as the term may be, such technique makes the whole trend a little more office ready and wearable.

Initially I wasn't on board with brightly toned mascara but after much trail and error, as well as seeing the magic unfold first hand, I am fully on board - 1980's blue shade aside, of course.

Now over to you, what are your thoughts on mascara in shades other than black?
Is this a trend you are happy to see resurrected or is it one that should stay on the beauty graveyard?

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  1. I adore the Benefit's Coloured Mascara, they're so gorgeous (I'm a huge fan of Benefit).

  2. I actually really like a Brown/Black for every day wear, if I don't want it to be so intense, but I've never used just brown. I might have to venture out and give them a wear. Thanks for the recs :)

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  3. The Benefit mascara is amazing but too pricey for me

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. I'm a huge fan of brown mascara, or in most cases - no mascara, 'cause I just like how that looks. Mascara tend to be the thing that makes any look look really polished and finished, and I much prefer a more messy, undone outcome. But a more bold, coloured mascara seems so much fun and I'm yet to try it out - can't wait!


  5. I think I will go for one when I find a good one on the highstreet. I struggle to pay £20 for black mascara when it will dry out in 3 months (and high street options are just as good)

    So cant splash £20 on a coloured option when realistically ill only wear it once every couple weeks if I like it. Seems like a waste of money :( But I would love a blue/green to try out :)

  6. I used to wear brown mascara all the time! I welcome it back with open arms. Blue or green however - I used to rock it in my teens. I will stick to the rule 'if you wore it the first time round your too old to wear it on its second time round'

  7. I would be too scared to wear a blue or green mascara; however, I would love to try wearing a brown mascara.

    Cloudie xxx

  8. I think blue mascara can look nice if you're maybe at a festival or something (not sure) but brown would be lost on me because my own lashes are pretty much black. I would really like to try the plum though, I think that *could* look pretty against my brown eyes but I can't be sure haha x


  9. I love purple mascara. My eyes are green so purple make them really pop out. Also a very subtle blue looks great too. I mean really gentle blue shadow. Its almost invisible but in certain angle it is visible and it does looks nice.

  10. When it comes to colored Mascara, there are two options for me (as a blonde with hazel eyes): Slight brown for a natural look or a slightly tinted violet-tone (I used to love the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes in Violet, but I think it was a LE...) - the violet brings out the green in my eyes in a very unoffensive way, for a no-make-up look.
    As for the brights, I'd rather go for a super bright eyelines and stick to the black or brown Mascara, anything bright blue or green is super-hard to pull off, and best left in the 80s (or in fancy beauty shoots).

  11. With really dark lashes like I have, it can be hard to get colors to show up. I have the Clinique Black Honey mascara and really like its subtlety

  12. I am actually interested in this trend! I think it would be nice to wear on lower lashes as an accent.

    Lenny C | Initial L

  13. I have only ever tried a brown one and that Rimmel Kate one in Emerald. I really like both looks!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  14. I used to have the plum version of Benefits BADgal and loved it. The only reason I haven't bought it more recently is because it's a little pricey and now I'm not sure they do it anymore. I don't tend to lust after many mascaras as I have so many in my drawer waiting to be used but the one that has caught my eye is the new Clinique chubby mascara I think it's called in black honey x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  15. I maaaay venture out to pick up a deep purple or plum colored mascara as I have green eyes. At first I was not thrilled, but I think its actually quite subtle. Definitely going to grab a drugstore version though, as I don't think I would use it often enough to splurge.


  16. I started out with a brown/black mascara, and I miss the natural-ness of it, it was perfect for a twelve year old.
    I have tried the blue benefit mascara, and perhaps due to the fact that I already had mascara on, but I didn't see all that much of a difference. The coloured push up liners though are pretty good.
    Avon colourtrend have been offering electric blur mascaras for a while now, and possibly more shades, I can't remember.
    Eve @ Pen and Key <3


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