femfresh Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash

I don't know about you but I am a very nosey person, I love nothing more than a snoop around my friends’ bags, make-up collections and bathrooms - all with their permission of course! I'm nosey not a creep. With that in mind I thought you'd enjoy perusing the contents of my shower, what I use and why.

femfresh Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash

Rather than going tier by tier of my shower caddy, let me talk you through my shower routine. I like to start my shower by shaving my legs and underarms. I tend to get it out of the way as I don't find it all enjoyable. For such task I recommend BIC Miss Soleil razors, affordable, pretty and effective. At the moment I am using Ted Baker Mint Body Wash which is both a shower gel and shaving aid; it smells divine - lightly floral yet zesty and refreshing, it doesn't dry out my skin and is a touch of luxury without a hefty price tag.

femfresh Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash

While we are on the topic of cleansing our body, it only makes sense that we take care of our intimate areas too using femfresh. What is femfresh? femfresh Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash is a gentle, affordable, carefully formulated product created for the most sensitive areas of skin. Not to mention femfresh Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash has a low pH balance to cater for such areas of the body. For on the go use and to prolong shower freshness, there is also femfresh Every Day Care Freshening & Soothing Cloths. I know it is a little taboo to talk about such products but if we take care of everywhere else on our bodies why not there too? Add them to your daily routine and I doubt you'll ever look back.

If I have time, I do like to quickly scrub down my body using Ameliorate Body Polish as it takes care of any dry and dead skin with next to no effort. I will admit this is normally on days in which I intend on applying St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion to provide an even, streak free tan all within the comfort of my shower - genius huh?

Speaking of being a clever cookie, I have a beauty hack - paint your toenails, allow them to dry and then pop into the shower. By doing so it will remove any excess polish and tidy up the nails, all while you get on with washing. At the moment I am going through a blue phase and thoroughly enjoying China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind Nail Lacquer.

femfresh Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash

Slowly but surely I have been weaning myself off of liquid shampoo and relying on Lush Shampoo Bars. The rose fragrance of Lush Jason and the Argan Oil does next to nothing for me, it does leave my hair feeling and looking both shiny and soft, thanks to abundance of natural Argan Oil. Conditioner? I wish I could say I was fussed but I will quite literally use anything I have to hand.

I don't actually wash my face in the shower, I was told that the water is too warm and the pressure is too harsh? Rather I like to use the steam of the bathroom after a shower to quickly pop on a mask and make the most of my pores being open and more exposed to the product. Can you really beat Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask for a weekly deep cleanse? I think not.

While my mask is drying out, I use this spare time to slather my skin in a body moisturiser. At the moment I have been reaching for Ted Baker Pink Body Souffle - the lightly, whipped texture feels divine on the skin. It cools, hydrates and leaves behind a trail of a light floral fragrance - notes of Grapefruit, mandarin and mango. It also doesn't hurt that the tub it is contained within is all kinds of retro cute!

Do we have a similar routine?
Will you be trying any of my tips or recommendations?

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