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10 Budget Brush Brands to Try

10 Budget Brush Brands to Try

It wasn't all that long ago that great budget beauty tools were practically unheard of; when I first ventured into the world of beauty, affordable brushes were poorly made and not worth investigating. Fast forward a few years and I am tempted to say that numerous budget brush options are as good as, if not better than several pricer counterparts. If you are looking to extend or overhaul your beauty tools without breaking the bank, I have ten brands you may want to check out...

10 Budget Brush Brands to Try

1. Zoeva
Zoeva brushes offer all the luxury of high end brand without the hefty price tag; not only can you buy great value ready make kits, that more often than not come complete with make up bags but they also offer individual brushes. Yes Zoeva brushes may be one of the pricer options shared today but I assure you they are worth every penny and will last (if properly taken care of) for years to come.

2. Real Techniques
Perhaps the King of budget tools - as the creator is not only a make up artist but also a Youtube phenomenon (as one half of Pixiwoo), you know that each brush has been lovingly designed to provide superior results. Real Techniques brushes are softer than soft, always deliver and are loved by enthusiasts and professionals world wide. As an added bonus Real Techniques brushes are forever on offer and available via the high street.

10 Budget Brush Brands to Try

3. Boots No.7
One of my favourite ever eyeshadow blending brushes is from the Boots No.7 collection. Again although budget friendly (with each brush retailing for under £10), the quality is beyond great. Each brush is slightly weighted for control with natural, easy to use and clean bristles that are kind on the skin and pocket.

4. Eco Tools
Not only are Eco Tools beautifully made and cost effective, they are also brushes with a conscience. Each Eco Tool brush is formed using Bamboo, recycled metal accents and cruelty free fibres so you can have great brushes, at an affordable price all the while being cruelty free.

5. Lottie London
Easily the prettiest make up brushes I have ever owned. If you are looking for pastel toned tools that not only look wonderful but are well made, then Lottie London should be your next port of call. Fluffy bristles, weighted handles, with no excessive brushes, just the basics prettified this is one collection you need to try.

6. B. Make Up (Superdrug)
You may not be overly familiar with B. as a brand on the whole but if you get acquainted with one new brand this year please let it be B. Not only is B. result driven with skin care, make up and brushes but each product is well priced and entirely Vegan. Yes each B. brush is entirely synthetic but you'd never know, the bristles are softer than soft, scrub up well and perhaps more importantly last the test of time.

7. Barely Sponges
As much as I love my original Beauty Blender, I completely understand that for some £20 is an awful lot to pay for a make up sponge. Enter Barely, a line of sponges that cost under £10, all of which preform as well as the more pricer options out there and look great too.

8. Revolution Make Up Brushes
A brand perhaps known for creating dupe products and affordable options for all, it perhaps would surprise no-one that this is exactly the route Revolution have took when it comes to brushes. With collections of mini brushes, tools aimed at contouring and much, much more, I'm confident you'll find something to suit your needs.

9. Revlon
If synthetic and fluffy brushes are what you enjoy then try Revlon brushes; readily found in Superdrug and entirely cost effective. Again fairly basic, in the sense that the brush range is not overly excessive and as such it is both manageable and affordable - great for beginners and those looking to extend their collection.

10. Gosh Make Up Brushes
Yes the Gosh brush range may be small in stature with only a handful of brush options (online at there are only five options at the moment) but they are on par with higher end brands such as MAC and Illamasqua. Beautifully made brushes, that deliver results and don't splay, shed or become misshaped despite constant use or abuse in my case.

Have you any other budget tool/brush brand recommendations that I may have missed out?

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  1. I adore RT brushes. I really need to branch out with some of these other brands!
    Gold Dust

  2. I love Real Techniques, the Lottie brushes look lovely too!

  3. Zoeva are by far my favourite brush brand. Get quality for the price :)
    Beauty Wanderer

  4. These brushes look gorgeous !! Love the packaging

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. Kiko make some impressive brushes too!

  6. I love RT brushes, definitely need to look into the Barely sponges as my Beauty Blender is sadly on its last legs I think... Great post, thanks!

    Jess xo

  7. I didn't know Revlon sold brushes, I'll have to take a look at that! Now, the brushes I really want to try are the Zoeava ones - heard so much good about them, and I love their design!

    Julia xx
    Take a look at my last post and discover the Leman lake:

  8. Zoeva brushes are my all time favourites. I have never had a bad experience with them. I am also a big fan of the Real techniques brushes as they are great quality for a great price. I may give Lottie London brushes a go as they look so cute.

    Beth x

  9. I have only tried the Real Technique brushes and love them! I have been wanting to try the Zoeva brushes for the longest time, they look so gorgeous and love the rose gold ones!

  10. I own and love Real Techniques and No7 brushes, with a free EcoTools thrown in for good measure! I think next on my list to try are Zoeva though.

    Rachel |

  11. RT, Crown and Zoeva are my three favourite brush brand, but I am always looking for inexpensive brush brands to try x

  12. The Real Techniques brushes are great, especially Bold Metals ones

  13. I love my RT brushes, but I need to try the Zoeva brushes!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  14. Some amazing brands!! I even prefer some of these brands to many of my high end brush sets!!x

  15. Not heard of some of these but real techniques are my favourite! i really love the brand Nanshy as well they are a but more expensive but would still class them as budget they arnt as expensive as MAC

  16. I love Real Techniques and Eco Tools brushes; I'm picking up the Zoeva brushes soon!!

  17. I really want to try out some of these brands as I'm in the market for new brushes. Great post!

    xo, Liz

  18. Spectrum brushes are not only great but also pretty good looking

  19. Lottie Brushes sound lovely! And I'm a sucker for pastels. I live in the states though, so it may be a bit more difficult to get my hands on. :(

    And I want to thank you for listing brands that could be incorporated into a professional kit! (i.e. not including e.l.f. brushes, as the ferrules on all three of their brush lines are terribly made and very fragile; even though the actual hairs on the brush may be good quality, it has to be structured and sturdy as well if I'm going to use it on myself OR a client ;D) . So you don't know how much I appreciate that! Have a good day!

  20. Love Real Techniques and Zoeva brushes! Have you tried Kiko brushes? Their eyeshadow blending brush is great xx

  21. I love Real Techniques and Eco Tools brushes.

  22. Great post - i'm always looking for new brushes to try.

    I love my Eco Tools and Zoeva Rose Gold collection brushes but I was really disappointed with Lottie London brushes, I found them clunky and they don't feel nice on my skin.

    Thanks for sharing, i'll have to try a few of these!

  23. RT brushes are just fab. I love my Zoeva set though and I would really like to try some Spectrum brushes but they are never in stock!

  24. Great post, very informative! I also love the brand Catrice which I'm pretty sure you can only get in parts of Europe. It's has some fantastic gems for the prices. xo

    Klaudia //

  25. Love Real Real techniques! Desperate to try Zoeva xx

    Jasmine ||

  26. Love both Zoeva and RT brushes, their price is very good considering the quality.
    As Klaudia said, Catrice is also a very good budget brand with some interesting options in brushes, mostly when it comes to limited editions. Also Essence, which is the young sister of Catrice, is even a more budget and delightful option. Last year they had a brush limited edition that was over the top in quality and they are having another now, the Make Me Pretty one. The brushes are, specilaly the ones for the face, too good for the price!
    Have a nice day!


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