What They Don't Tell You About Having Long Hair

Over the last few years, I have grew my hair out, perhaps a little too long - admittedly it now needs a good trim but it is all the way down to my bottom and in good condition. It is not easy having long hair and I curse my mother for not forewarning me of all the trials of having lengthy hair, I mean she did only have to deal with it for the first eleven years of my life. How rude ha! I jest of course but here are some of the many pitfalls I encounter almost daily...

1, You will shed loose hair and when you do it will look like a substantial hair loss (it isn't long hair, bundled up looks a lot more than shorter hair - don't worry!).

2, Said hair shedding will not only clog brushes but also drains (unclogging the drain is enough to put me off hair never mind long hair for life - yuck!), sorry Ma!

3, Conditioner? Yeah you'll go through what seems like half a bottle per wash.

4, On more than one occasion you will become tangled in your own hair - it normally happens when I sleep. I once got my hair caught under my arm pit while sleeping, awoke utterly convinced that a demon was pulling my hair and slept with the light on - you really can't make this up.

5, If you think you have tangled hair now, wait until it is butt length and then talk to me. Combs, Tangle Teezers and brushes will get lost in the mane and may even snap (I wish I was joking). I'll worry when it is wildlife.

6, Hairdressers will panic when it comes to washing your hair and most likely "jokingly" complain when it comes to the blow dry stage. I find an eye roll to be the best answer and form of defence.

7, Top knots may be a quick and easy way to pull your hair out of your face but the weight of your hair will more often than not result in a tension headache. Fun!

8, The same applies for high pony tales, thank goodness the half pony is now back in fashion. Do we like Ariana Grande yet?

9, Your hair will stretch hair ties to their limits. Hashtag long hurr don't currr.

10, You will become forever known (or at least until you cut it off) as the girl/boy/person with the super long hair. Hey it beats being known as smelly right? Right?

So fellow long haired readers, what would you add to the list?