Festival Beauty The Bare Essentials

Today I am off to T in the Park, a festival I have not been to in a good number of years for various reasons - I am both excited and unprepared (what's new there ha!). I'm not staying over because well frankly it gives me the fear and the idea of me camping is laughable but I have gathered together all my essentials, to help those both day tripping and camping this festival season.

Let's start with I deem the must have's, products that suit all and should be popped in a bag without any thought. Trust me when I say that there is nothing like a music festival to show you 100 ways to use and need a wet wipe - for hands, face and bathroom needs, everyone needs a pack. I personally prefer the fragrance free variety such as Halo (£1.09 for 10 via Glossybox UK - link) as they are gentle enough to remove make-up should I need it to.

I also recommend grabbing a packet of pocket tissues for your bag or pocket, you will use them at some point and be more than thankful that you had the good sense to stash the away. Trust me.

Speaking of cleansing you can't head to a music festival without a hand sanitiser, I'm not at all fussy and will use whatever I have to hand. I do like and recommend Cuticura Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel as it is cheap, plentiful and effective. You can find it via Superdrug for £1.20 - link.

I'm guessing that as most festivals are based in fields of some sort that Wellies will be the shoe of choice for many? In the case of blisters you will want to pop a few stick on plasters for comfort, that and you never know what may happen. It is better to be prepared that trek around looking for a first aid tent for a small graze etc. In this instance I recommend spending a few more pennies and stocking up on the waterproof variety (as the weather in Britain can and will be unpredictable), such as Elastoplast Antibacterial Waterproof Plasters (£2.69/pack of 10 via Boots - link).

Speaking off unpredictable weather, in my experience you are guaranteed at least one day of sunshine at a British festivals (fingers crossed that is today in my case). Should the sun make an appearance you need a good reliable SPF. As someone who slathers on SPF daily I fully recommend Superdrug Face SPF 50 which can double up as body protection, at just £3.49/50ml it is a must try (it doesn't block the pores) and is the ideal size for travel in general. You can find it here - link.

Festival Beauty The Bare Essentials

Before heading to T in the Park I will be misting on the new Sure Motion Sense Antiperspirant in Shower Fresh, not only does it smell incredible but it features new and innovative technology in the form of microcapsules. The microcapsules burst with friction releasing both scent and freshness so you do not need to reply throughout the day - great if you have a long,stressful day or like myself have plans to bust some moves in a silent disco ha! As a side note I do really like the new compressed size of Sure Antiperspirants, they are so handy to pop in any bag - gym. festival or weekender. You can find it here for £1.39/50ml - link.

Not really a beauty product but I can't imagine surviving a music festival of any sort without a great pair of sunglasses - they hide my hayfever stung eyes, allow me to skip mascara and of course shield my eyes from the sun rays; not to mention everyone looks far cooler in sunglasses, don't they? My current go to pair have to be Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator's, a timeless classic style that suits every face shape and occasion. I've owned this pair for over a year and get so much use out of them - I truly can not recommend enough. You can find them here with prices starting at £100 - link.

I'm not sure everyone would deem a lip balm an essential but as someone who forever finds their lips dry, I refuse to leave home without at least one variety rolling around in my handbag. As I'm hopeful for a little sun I will be applying The Body Shop's Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15, both for the sun protection and moisturising qualities. You can find it here for £4.50 -link.

As someone who loves a good boogie, yes I really wrote that and stand by it - I can't leave home without a hair tie. I particularly like Kitsch Hair Ties, they are easy to pop both into the hair and on the wrist and are robust enough to hold back even the thickest of hair types. You can find them via Boots - link, or of course just use any hair tie you have to hand. It is a festival after all.

Festival Beauty The Bare Essentials

If I was brave and decided to stay at a festival for more than one day I would take a few extra products, including the aforementioned Sure Motion Sense Antiperspirant. I'm one of those people who feels so much better and more pulled together with a lip colour, rather than eye make-up. As I would want a long wearing splash of colour I would go for a lip liner over a lipstick. My personal everyday nude is MAC Whirl Lip Liner it allows me to define and fill my lips with a deep pink nude shade that is both flattering and subtle. If you find most nude hues wash you out this is a great shade to try and get your hands on. You can find it here for £12.50 - link.

As space and time are of the utmost importance when preparing for a trip to a festival, I recommend taking along a cream blush. Not only will this give you a gentle, dewy flush of colour on the cheeks but it can also double up as a matte lip colour in a pinch. At the moment I am really enjoying the new Sleek Make Up Creme to Powder Blushes - a soft, easy to apply, with a great long wearing cream to powder texture. There are six shades to choose from, each costs £5.99 and you can find them here - link.

Again, if I was attending for longer than a day visit I would stash a refreshing body mist and dry shampoo to at least attempt to feel fresh. As many will know I am a huge fan of both & Other Stories Body Mists and of course Colab Dry Shampoo's, both come in handy travel sizes and are more than affordable. My personal recommendation for & Other Stories Body Mist is Moroccan Tea - light, refreshing and surprisingly minty - trust me, you need to try it (you can find them -here). As for Colab Dry Shampoo you really can't go wrong, all the scents are delightful but my personal favourite is the fruity/floral that is Monaco. You can shop the whole range here - link.

What are your festival essentials?

I was kindly gifted tickets for T in the Park.