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Teen Beauty - I Unapologetically Use Facial Wipes

I Unapologetically Use Facial Wipes

Time to hand the reigns over to my younger sister once more to discuss a topic that has somewhat became taboo within the beauty world, yes it could only be the use of facial wipes...

Gosh the the title for this post sounds so dramatic (I wanted to title the post "I use facial wipes and whut? My sister deemed it a little too aggressive ha!) - almost like it could be used for a TLC one hour special in place of the usual hoarding programmes. It does however feel like we have reached a stage in which even the mere mention of facial wipes is enough to leave some feeling cold!

Yes that's right I use facial wipes and unapologetically so! Do I use this as my only method of cleansing? No but in a pinch I will happily swipe a wet wipe over my face to remove make-up, why shouldn't I? Surely it is better to remove my make-up than sleep in it?

Sometimes I come home, tired from college and rather than faff around with a cleanser and what have you I'll reach for a cleansing wipe to take of the bulk of my make-up. In my mind it can not be all that much different from using micellar water in the same way? Sure later on before I go to bed I'll cleanse, tone and moisturise as normal but I don't look at facial wipes in the same negative light as so many others do. Yes some brands are better than others and I do tend to gravitate towards moisturising versions and never use baby wipes (again no judgement if you do) as they sting my skin.

Let's be brutally honest much like all skin care products facial wipes have come a long way, there is now wipes that have saturated with Micellar Water for convenience, i.e to save you routing around tracking down cotton wool when all you really want is your pj's and evening meal. In my mind if you already use Micellar Water then why not the wipes, really what difference does it make? It is the same product/s only packaged differently?

I'm going to put it out there and say that the majority of us all have a packet of face wipes somwhere and most likely use them for some reason or not? Like a giant creeper I see you all pulling out the rustling packets for long train and flight journeys. I see them stashed on your dressing table for emergencies and I see them in your shopping baskets in my local Superdrug. If they are being bought they are being used, and if they are being used and not abused (i.e not the only method of cleansing you rely on) I don't have any real problem with facial wipes as a concept.

Sure if they disagree with your skin in any shape or form, then it is time to ditch them or at least the brand you happened to be using but otherwise I don't fully understand the hatred surrounding the product. They are quick, fast and totally suitable for cleansing emergencies.

Where do you stand on the whole facial wipe debate?
And if you do happen to hate cleansing wipes (equally okay in my opinion) may I ask why?
I am beyond intrigued!
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  1. Hmmm, on a day-to-day basis, I really dislike cleansing wipes (in general). Or at least my skin does. They often irritate my skin and my eye area, so I only ever use them on a lazy morning or on a plane during a long haul flight. I really like wipes by Ole Henriksen and Kosmea.

  2. Sounds surreal but I don't have any face wipes in my house, it's the feel of them that makes me cringe. Even after a night out when friends would be using their wipes, I'll sit there with my cotton pads and Ren Make-Up Remover carefully taking my make up and cleansing too!

  3. I don't mind face wipes as much as others do. I usually use an oil to remove makeup but wipes are just so much more convenient sometimes!

    Philippa - ByPhilippa

  4. I use them to refresh my face as soon as I wake up. It's a nice wake up feeling and the cold from the wipe de-puffs my face. I think they're fine! Like you said, I'd rather someone use them than nothing at all!

  5. I never use them but I'm not opposed to the purpose of using them for camping trips, festivals, flights etc... Most of them aren't biodegradable though so it's a bit of a shame to use them everyday when there are other options that are better for your skin & the environment... like a couple of quick wipes with micellar water on a cotton pad. Great post though, so honest.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  6. I loved this post! I use them in a pinch as well, some days I just can't bother with all the other stuff! I agree when you say at least you are taking your makeup off! And I cleanse afterwards as well! This post was just hilarious, I loved it! XO -Kim

  7. I use facial wipes only and only when I really am waaaay too tired but I would double cleanse my skin every night x

  8. I love the convenience of using a face wipe, but my skin doesn't feel nearly as clean as when I properly do my night time skincare routine. I'm still guilty of using them, especially on late nights out, but I've been trying to not use them as much.

    xo, Liz

  9. I will only use face wipes when I absolutely have to, like at a friends house or after a night out. I just don't find my skin every feels properly clean after using them, I need the water I splash onto my face after a cleanser to really make my face feel clean. But I think you have some good points, and I love the way you write. x

  10. I don't use wipes as the sole product in my cleansing routine but I always like to have a pack around for removing heavy eye makeup before going in with my usual cleanser or for removing swatches or what not x


  11. SO guilty of being a face wipe user. After a really long day at work, sometimes just can't bear the thought of a full skincare routine. Figure its better to give my face a wipe than nothing at all!

    I do prefer the feel of my skin after a full cleanse, but hey... convenience sometimes outweighs that.

    HiddenFreckles xx

  12. For me, face wipes are reserved for nights when I'm crawling in at 4am... I guess they're not so bad for removing the bulk of your makeup before a proper cleanse but personally after a long day I find performing a full skincare routine kind of relaxing :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  13. I haven't found wipes that I like yet. It like the time they can shave off of a make-up removal routine though.

    Kat ♥

  14. I am not a big fan of face wipes unless it is for a festival or when I have come back really late. I always enjoy doing my full skin care routine after a long day.

    Beth x

  15. The best argument I have ever heard for not using make up wipes was by Lisa Eldridge and she put it down to saturation - for years I used make up wipes as the first stage of my cleansing routine, I just don't like using oils/blams/whatever to remove my eye make up. Then I watched a video where Lisa described how much rubbing and drag it takes to remove make up with a wipe and with a micellar water (I use Bioderma) and a cotton pad you can really saturate the cotton pad and let the liquid do the work rather than rubbing the sensitive eye area. I have never looked back - I do have make up wipes for while I'm doing my make up, they are great for wiping off any product I get on my hands (everywhere!). I think it is down to personal choice but now in my 30's I want to do as little tugging on my face as possible. x

  16. The only reason i do not use those wipes regularily is that they do not take off all my make up and i end up having to cleanse either way. However, i love them when there is no option for full on cleansing (e.g. plane etc.) or also i really loved them as refreshers on a really really hot day when i skipped the make up. It was just wonderful to wipe of the sweat and feel the refreshing clean feeling. Even my hubby reached for them.
    As far as others are concerned, this is such a non issue for me. If people care about other peoples cleansing habits, then they apparently have no real issues to think about.
    Use whatever you like and what makes you happy. When it works for you, then it works good enough.

  17. I went through a stage where I only used facial wipes and they were the only thing that stopped my teenage spots. I don't and never have worn make up though. I now exist purely by using a wet flannel and maybe once a week, when I can be bothered, some kind of facial scrub. Simple works for me!

  18. I also don't see makeup wipes in a negative light either. I use them all the time to remove my makeup, but I never stop there. After I use a makeup wipe to remove the bulk of my makeup, I then use an eye makeup remover and then olive oil and water on a cotton pad to take off any remaining makeup. This only takes 10 minutes every night! And since I take night showers, I end up washing my face in there and moisturizing after and that's all I have to do at the moment since I'm still young. I don't think makeup wipes are bad, but they shouldn't be the only thing you use to remove your makeup because they don't get everything off.

  19. I don't really have a problem with face wipes, they 're just convenient sometimes, especially after a long gym/workout session! I don't really like using them for removing my makeup because I feel it takes forever in comparison to just using a cleansing butter that you can just swipe on and rinse off - super quick. Of course wipes aren't best option for cleansing, but who am I to tell others what they should/shouldn't use on their own skin? Each to their own, I say!


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