Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette

Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette

During humid spells of weather I tend to reach for light, refreshing fragrances and it is more often when I reach for eau de toilettes. The last thing I want is a scent to cloy, cause a headache or generally become sicking. Luckily for me and most likely so many others one of my favourite fragrances ever - Burberry My Burberry have just introduced a new, lighter eau de toilette version of of their best selling scents.

As you may know My Burberry is inspired by the trench coat and rain, much like the iconic coat this bottle and the liquid inside are camel coloured as a subtle nod to the brand's heritage. I rather like that the bottle is both classic and elegant - long gone are the days of the Burberry print adorning everything and every inch of a product.

Now I know that the note composition is ever so slightly different this time around, this is to allow it to sit lighter on the skin or so I'm told. In my opinion it smells very much like the original My Burberry and for that I am grateful, I love that it remains true to the original yet is a little more refreshing and lighter. The note composition is as follows: Sweet pea, bergamot as the top notes, combined with heart notes of geranium leaf, golden quince and freesia, with patchouli, damask rose and centifolia rose form the base. 

Like I always say (gosh I'm turning into my Grandmother aren't I?) fragrance reviews are a little pointless without a point of comparison. In my opinion My Burberry reminds me a lot of Jo Malone Rain & Angelica - cool, lightly floral and very refreshing much like a Spring rain fall. If you are looking for a cooling, perfect everyday fragrance this is the one to invest in.

Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette £52/50ml via Debenhams - link.

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  1. This sounds like a really pretty scent. I wasn't too keen on the original as it smelt like every other scent out there, but this sounds lovely and floral.

    Kirstie | Kimamely Beauty

  2. One of my all time favourite fragrances is Burberry Brit. I haven’t tried this one before from Burberry, one to consider next!

  3. I have the original My Burberry and I've been reaching for it ever since I got it when it was released last year x

  4. I love the sound of something that smells like rain. I live in Vancouver, that's one of my favourite scents :)

    Kat ♥


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