To Use Make Up Brushes or Not

I'm not the most avid viewer of Youtube videos mainly because I have the attention span of a gnat, I do however like to settle down to make-up tutorials. Not really for inspiration nor tips but rather to see how others apply their make-up. A little bizarre, I'll give you that but I find it fascinating to see how one product (more often than not foundation) can be applied in so many different ways.

I never and I mean never apply powder eyeshadow using my fingers, always a brush; the same rule applies (in my instance) for powder face products yet with cream formulations I'm less fussy. There is no denying that a brush can provide a soft, polished finish not to mention the precision element and et sometimes I find that the heat of my hands helps to move cream products around a little. If I am less about a polished look and more in favour of a soft, natural barely there flush of colour I will quite literally down tools for cream textures.

It will most likely surprise no-one that I go through phases with foundation brushes, sometimes I swear by them - other times I feel they hinder application. I guess it all depends on the texture of the foundation in question to begin with. I must stress that if I am using my hands it is always after I freshly wash them and normally reserved for heavy, cream based formulas. My reasoning? Again the natural heat of my hands helps to move the product around, more often than not it prevents heavy textures from "sitting" on my skin. I'm sure there are plenty of make-up artists out there who would disagree but then again sometimes you have to do what works best for you.

Under eye concealing is another area in which I tend to rely on my fingers for the best application - don't get me wrong I have been known in the past but more often than not I go for the au natural approach. Why? To control pressure, the under eye skin is so delicate that I only use my ring finger to apply product to minimise damage cause by pulling and tugging. For highlighting such area, I do use and recommend a Beauty Blender - the tapered edge makes the process a breeze and it is so much more gentler than most brushes. Again this is nothing more than preference but I do find it works best for me.

Now over to you - are you loyal to make-up brushes or are you a little like myself, in that they each have purposes but sometimes you will use and prefer your hands for application?