Friendship Inspired Beauty Buys

If we become friends, sooner or later I am going to ask for a route around your make-up bag. I have a somewhat obsession with other people's beauty collections - not items bought on a whim but products that others buy time and time again. Why? Well clearly they work and I want to know why. There's a reason why I've purchased so many items due to friends recommendations, not shiny new launches but tried and tested products and that is because more often than not they work. I also like to think that I have turned a friend on to several products too.

Thanks to my gal pal's I have several can't live without beauty items, one being the Original Beauty Blender - an item that took a whole lot of convincing to as much as try the sponge and now I'm converted. While we are on the topic of beauty tools believe it or not, I was a little late on the bandwagon. I was convinced they were nothing but a passing fad, fast forward a few years and some days they are all I use. Two other notable staples that were influenced by friends happen to be Carmex Lip Balm (a friend gifted it to me one Christmas) and Urban Decay Naked Basics Palettes - a few years ago I thought all mattes palette were the enemy. I'm sure there are many, many more friendship inspired purchases but those are what spring to mind.

On the flip side I know for certain that I have convinced more than one friend that Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude Khol is pretty difficult to beat, as is Rimmel East End Snob Exaggerate Lip Liner.  A friend has also joked that I must be paid in commission for sales of Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer - I'm not but it is a wonderful primer that I do rate highly. I also smile a little whenever a friend produces a bottle of Lush Olive Branch Shower Gel or raves about Voluspa Candles. Again I am sure there are more examples but within my friendship circle those are the items I tend to be associated with, not that I mind beauty finds should be shared and not stashed away like a dirty secret.

Since I can't quite pop around to everyone's house and ask to rifle through your make-up bags; what one product would you recommend to a friend, and of course what treasured item have you been turned on to by a friend?