Pura Vida Coffee Coconut Body Scrub

I don't know about you but I really enjoy body scrubs, my current frame of mind seems to be the more natural and the less ingredients used the better. Drawing inspiration from Costa Rica (a country I am so desperate to visit) is Pura Vida Coffee Coconut Body Scrub, a natural, locally sourced, organic, fair trade, natural body scrub that features just four ingredients: Costa Rican gourmet Arabica coffee beans, sumptuous coconut oil, sea salt, and sweet brown sugar. If you want to strip back to basics and buff your skin to a smooth, supple state this is the scrub to beat.

Pura Vida Coffee Coconut Body Scrub

I will say from the get go that if you dislike the scent of coffee then this may not be the best product for you, Pura Vida Coffee Coconut Body Scrub has distinctive coffee fragrance coupled with a slightly sweet, creamy and salty kick. If ever there was a unisex scented body scrub this is it. Personally I hate coffee but find the aroma of Pura Vida Coffee Coconut Body Scrub to be a great at kick starting a dull morning - much like a caffeine kick for the senses?

Casting aside the fragrance element this is a great refining body scrub, it is gritty yet gentle body exfoliator that can help diminish the appearance of cellulite dimpling, stretch marks and general scarring. I think "can" is the operative word here, it will really depend on the level of scarring, in regards to cellulite it will most likely have to be combined with a healthy diet and exercise programme. Pura Vida Coffee Coconut Body Scrub does however contain a high concentration of coffee which can stimulate blood flow resulting in smoother skin so it is not impossible. I should also add that Coconut Oil is naturally high in Vitamin E so it can help repair skin tissue and sea salt is a natural source of antiseptic that can aid ingrown hairs.

Pura Vida Coffee Coconut Body Scrub

What I can guarantee is that it is a great treatment for not only removing dry and dead skin cells but also old self tanner too (yep I went there). I rather like that Pura Vida Coffee Coconut Body Scrub is an intense scrub (it has a coarse texture thanks to the sea salt), so very little work is required on my part. Simply grab a handful, rub on dry skin, leave for a few minutes and rinse off (if you find it a little too oily, you can wash off using shower gel/soap etc)- tah-dah super soft skin that glows. The added bonus is that the coconut oil works to moisturise, again without any additional effort on the users part - great for lazy guys and gals or lazy days.

Who said coffee was only for drinking?

Pura Vida Coffee Coconut Body Scrub €17.95/200g via Pure Vida - link.

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