Where to Find Great Cosmetic Bags

I get asked fairly frequently where my make-up bags are from, as I don't believe in spending an arm and a leg on something that will inevitably house a spill or two - you can almost bet any bag I own will be from the UK high street. Sure I own a few Whistles leather pouches (oh fancy) which I do treasure (perhaps a little too tightly) but if I can get a pretty cosmetic bag for a few pounds, I am more than happy. Here is my selection of where I hit up for bags of the make-up kind and why you should to...

Where to Find Great Cosmetic Bags

ASOS - The lazy gal's choice, a whole range of brands all under one umbrella which can be delivered to your home in as little as 24 hours. I tend to purchase either ASOS's own brand bags (this super cute fast food version is sitting in my basket as we speak - link) but would also recommend checking out the brand Catseye if you like cute animal prints. It was also ASOS that I found my super cute cereal bags.

eBay - Oddly not an obvious choice as the options can be overwhelming, however if you know exactly what you are looking for eBay can save you a pretty penny. For instance I really wanted a black, cat make-up bag - a quick search using the key words "black cat bag" and the exact item I had in mind springs up for just 99p. The only downside is that some of the bargains do come from the other side of the world so you may find yourself waiting up to a month for your purchase to arrive.

H&M - If monochrome and minimalist make-up bags that are well priced (normally well under £10) is what your heart desires then this should be your next stop. I don't recommend ordering online as it is unreliable and slow but they can often be found in most H&M stores.

Forever 21 - Fun, funky and exceedingly affordable, not to mention that the bags and pouches come in several sizes and shapes. Quite frequently the brand offers Barbie collaborations within their beauty range as well as money saving multi-packs. Forever 21 is also a great stop for travel storage for items such as sturdy make-up cases. As a side note do also check out their cute compact mirrors, I have a good few that really come in handy for day to day use.

Where to Find Great Cosmetic Bags

Freebies - Nope, not some up and coming brand you've yet to hear of but rather the free make-up bags that often come with kits and of course gifts with purchases. A good few of my favourite beauty storage bags didn't cost me a penny! I've spoken about my love for the above Elemis cosmetic case in this post but have only come to discover that it is almost identical to this Anya Hindmarch Travel Case! The main difference? The Travel with Elemis Kit is £40 and comes with an array of travel sized products, the Anya Hindmarch Travel Case is £295 and arrives empty.

Primark - Much like Forever 21 the array of designs, sizes and purposes of make-up bags on offer is vast but never expensive. From dinky clutch bag options, to large hold everything pouches to sturdy travel cases you can bet Primark will have it for sale. This is my go to store for cosmetic cases as they are so well made and never cost for than £10 so you don't feel to guilty should you get bored and want to replace it. As a heads up,  my local store currently has tonnes of Disney themed wipe clean make-up bags that were selling like hotcakes as of yesterday.

I'm sure there are plenty of other options out there but whenever I want a new cosmetic bag or case for that matter the above retailers are my first port of call. If you can think of anywhere I have missed, or if you have found a great cosmetic bag recently do feel free to let me know as I do need some new pieces for travelling.