What's New at Ojon

Annoyingly I have next to no Internet connection at the moment so you will have to forgive me for any sporadic postings for the next few days, I have attempted to schedule posts while I'm away but it doesn't seem to be going to plan. Internet woes aside let me share two new launches from Ojon, both of which are aimed at dry, broken and frizz prone hair types. Let me introduce you to the two latest additions to the Ojon Rare Blend collection.

Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo (£21), admittedly I won't ever use this as it contains micro beads but not everyone shares the same stance as I do so let me explain what it does and who it aimed at. Typically shampoo is not known for its moisturising properties which can be less than ideal when you have dried out hair. Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo is a light yet deeply nourishing cleanser for the hair that contains mini pearls of Ojon Rare Oil which burst within contact of the hair to smooth, deeply moisturise and tame dried out and frizzy hair. It is a clever concept and it is about time that more shampoos not only cleanse but also offer up a level of hydration without weighing the hair down. If this didn't contain micro beads I'd be all over this product.

To compliment the Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo there is Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner (£23), a deep yet light conditioner that is more of a hair mask than your run of the mill conditioner. This thick balm is not only a breeze to apply but it quickly smooths and conditions the hair cuticle, leaving it not only feeling smoother but appearing more glossy and polished. If like myself you struggle from both dry and frizz hair this is one I'd recommend trying, it as close to a professional glossing and repairing treatment as I've tried. I have only just began trailing this but so far it is a huge thumbs up from me.

I will of course update with a full review in the coming weeks but for now Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner is slowly but surely repairing my hair - I can not recommend it enough.

This post contains press samples.