Summer Proof Bases

It may not be sunny here in Scotland but it is humid and somewhat sticky which has no boded well for my foundation. As someone who hasn't really embraced dewy or sheer bases the Summer months are forever a struggle - I want something that is lightweight yet covers all my blemishes and scarring, something that doesn't cake nor look heavy and more importantly won't slide off my face.

In the past I relied on Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation but I do find the shades to be a little tricky to match perfectly to my skin tone. Then there was my dabble with Chanel Vita which is a lovely enough foundation but is highly perfumed and does sometimes irritate my skin. I know a lot enjoy MAC Face and Body Foundation but it never fully sets on my face, regardless of what primer or powder I use along with it. I want to love NARS Sheer Glow, great shades and decent enough coverage but I do feel it is a little over hyped. Typically (and I'm not saying all) BB and CC Creams don't offer enough coverage for my skin needs and again don't always set on my oily skin. What can I say, I'm picky!

So what do I want? A lightweight foundation that covers well, it doesn't have offer a matte finish but it does have to be long wearing and if possible contain an SPF. I want a foundation that doesn't become uncomfortable on the skin when the weather becomes humid - no mean feat but I'm hoping someone out there who perhaps lives in a more tropical climate than myself will have a few suggestions? I have no restraints on budget as this is an everyday product that I will be using for a good few months so I am more than happy to invest.

So tell me what is your go to Summer base?