Let me paint the scene, I have ran out of leave in conditioner - my regular de-tangling go to product if you will and have only the local Supermarket at my disposal. It is 7pm and my hair needs washed, what is a gal to do? First of all you of course hit the hair care aisle and curse the Shampoo God's when you realise that tiny shop does not stock any product of this type. What now? You hit the kid/baby care section and make the most of a bad situation. It was here I found L'Oreal Kids Super Pear Tangle Tamer.

I won't beat around the bush, L'Oreal Kids Super Pear Tangle Tamer is sickly sweet in terms of fragrance (think candied pear/apple and you won't go far wrong) - so much so that it can be a little off putting. Before use I was a little worried that it would attract Bees and perhaps Willy Wonka - did I mention it is overly sweet? Fragrance aside this is actually a wonderful lightweight, spray that offers much needed slip to help tease out knots and tangles without weighing down the hair.

As someone with dry hair I do prefer a leave in conditioner as it not only helps the comb glide through the hair but gives it a much needed moisture boost. However L'Oreal Kids Super Pear Tangle Tamer certainly gets the job done without leaving the hair feeling sticky or loaded with product. If you have fine hair that tangles easy and don't need the hydration of a leave in conditioner this is one I'd look into. It is really gentle and does help taming the most tangled of locks a lot easier and the added bonus is that it can be used on dry hair without leaving a greasy film behind.

A great little find for kids and adults even if the scent is a little over bearing.
You can find L'Oreal Kids Super Pear Tangle Tamer via Boots for £2.09 - link.