CK One Summer 2015 Eau de Toilette

To know me is to know I like masculine fragrances, as a tendency the deeper and woody the better. It came as quite a shock when I found myself not only enjoying CK One Summer 2015 Eau de Toilette but recommending it to others! CK One Summer 2015 is the bright citrus come aquatic, unisex fragrance that we have all been waiting for.

Tackling the unisex market is tricky, first of all the packaging has to appeal to all and CK One Summer 2015 Eau de Toilette does just that. A bright, sun ready, blue dipped glass bottle that has been designed to invoke memories of sun, sea and fun - it is visually engaging and despite being the fact it is a huge 100ml, it is not overly bulky.

Packaging aside CK One Summer 2015 Eau de Toilette succeeds where other CK fragrances have failed: first of all it is the first CK One scent I have ever enjoyed and secondly it manages to be both fresh and zesty without translating too masculine nor feminine. CK One Summer 2015 is a blend of citrus notes, namely: watermelon, lemon and lime coupled with star anise and oddly gin tonic (yes really). To ensure the fragrance is long wearing and has depth there is hints of amberwood and musk. I'm not sure exactly what the aquatic note is but it is ever so slightly salty and certainly channels a cool, crisp sea breeze. CK One Summer 2015 is light, carefree and perfectly embodies sun soaked beach trips, there is not a person I can not imagine this will not smell great on.

If Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is the answer for those looking for a fragrance that reminds them of coconut scented tanning lotions; CK One Summer 2015 Eau de Toilette is the one that will have you dreaming of crisp blue skies and clear waters, complete with a fruity cocktail in hand. Spray on everywhere and enjoy the cooling scent all Summer long. In a word? Obsessed.

CK One Summer 2015 Eau de Toilette £35.50/100ml via Boots - link.

This post contains a press sample.