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Asking For a Friend - Hair De-Tangling Tips

Asking For a Friend - Hair De-Tangling Tips

I love being the proud owner of long hair, love may seem a strong declaration and a little boastful but for someone who in the past was notorious for bad hair decisions this is my one success. In the past I have bleached my hair to the point it all snapped off and once shaved my head because...well I'm not really sure to this day why I did it but I did. To cut a long story short, I now have ass length hair that is a nightmare to comb out each and every time I wash it and I am at my wits end.

Like most people with thick and slightly dry hair I condition deeply at least once a week and douse my hair in leave in conditioner after each wash. While my hair is wet I do my best to gently finger comb out any large tangles, I then leave my hair to dry naturally before going to town on it with a Tangle Teezer. Before going to bed I normally pop my hair into braids to prevent tangling because I guess you never can be too careful? Now don't get me wrong the above combo does work to some extent but it is laborious and often painful.

Obviously some leave in conditioners work better than others: L'Oreal Elvive Conditioning Spray Full Restore 5 (£3.99) and Sacha Juan Leave in Conditioner (£22.00) are two of the best I've ever used and honestly not all that dissimilar, despite the vast price difference. I've tried the Wet Brush which is great but I prefer to brush my hair when dry; Tangle Teezers again are great but sometimes the wide teeth miss smaller tangles and combs, well combs get lost in my mane.

Now I have grew my hair out, I don't want to lob it all off in the sake of convenience so I ask all fellow long haired readers (past or present) for any tips or products you may have to make the whole de-tangling process a little easier.

Hit me with them, I'm open to all suggestions - well other than scissors!
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  1. I feel your pain! My hair is an absolute nightmare, but it gets on really well with Boots Coconut & Almond leave in conditioner which is a total bargain too. Aside from that I recently invested in some silk pillowcases which have made a massive difference to my bed head come morning! x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. I ended up chopping mine as it was all bleached and frizzy, but I found the Matrix Blow Dry Oil great as it's so lightweight and non-greasy on fine hair, and I like to do a two-day intensive conditioner treatment - works a treat!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  3. I'm really thankful that my hair's quite good at restoring itself even after all of the bleaching and dyeing but the one thing that I try to do a few times a month is lather on a hair mask (right now it's Boot's Coconut and Almond intensive mask) and then throw on a shower cap & go to sleep. Not the comfiest night ever but when I wash my hair the next day my hair is so soft and easy to control (so less tangles!)

    Chantel || Bonnie Blondie

  4. These look really interesting! I usually just use my range teezer

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. I have heard gret things about the tangle teaser, but I haven't invested yet! I always remember being told by a hairdresser, always start brushing from the bottom up! I always tie my hair up at night to stop it from becoming a matted mess too!

  6. My hair gets knotty really easy, I've found using Label.M Intensive Mask as my deep cleanse, the tangles seem to ease with each use, it's a bit pricey at £13.95 but definitely worth it! It's a firm favourite!


  7. I found the Tangle Teaser awful - it made my hair knottier! I use a big paddle brush (a Denman one from Boots) and it's life-changing. It has big, wide bristles so it can brush through any knots without getting caught up in them. Tying it up at night helps too. (For reference my hair is fine but there's a lot of it!)

    Jenny | On the face of it |

  8. Hi! I'm a hairdresser and like to think I have a little knowledge in this area...
    So the wet brush isn't solely to be used on wet hair... It works just as efficiently on dry and causes a lot less breakage due to it flexible stems... I would recommend using this over the tangle teezer on dry hair any day. It's far superior at removing tangles, less painful and actually goes through your hair... I find the tangle teezer does all of the above!
    Also as well as the leave in conditioner, after washing hair, leave to dry for a while wrapped in a towel, then apply a small amount (depending on hair length) of Argan or Tsubaki oil to mid-lengths and end... Rub through your hair, then brush from ends to roots, holding hair above where you brush!
    Loreal and montibelo do the best Argan oils I have found... Tsubaki oil is from montibelo and is a lighter (and better smelling) version of Argan oil, but is for finer hair or if you find your hair goes greasy quickly!!
    I hope this was some help!!

    1. Sorry correction * I find the tangle teezer doesn't do all of the above

  9. The Wet Brush is amazing! I have the Tangle Teezers too but prefer the Wet Brush. For in the shower I swear by the Philip Kinglsley Moisture Extreme Conditioner. It's says for ethnic hair, but it sorts out my English, thick, naturally curly/wavy/annoying dry hair a treat. Gives a mask level of moisture. I use my GHDs everyday and Philip K keeps it so soft. Also wouldnt be without Redken Anti Snap, Sebastian Potion 9, Phyto 9 Nourishing day cream, Living Proof PHD, and Garnier sleek perfector oil or Oribo Gold Lust (if I'm feeling fancy!)
    Have read your blog for years but never commented so hello! Always love reading xx

  10. I have really long hair and rarely have issues with it getting tangled and horrible. That's because I put it up in a plait and I know this is boring if you wanna wear your hair out, but during the day you can wear it up and then in the evening you can let it out and it'll be lovely and wavy too! ^_^

  11. the wet brush is the most amazing purchase I've ever made for my hair. I have long, curly hair and detangling with a wide tooth comb takes like 20 minutes. With a wet brush it takes less than 5 minutes and I have less breakage! It's a great product!

  12. My two de-tangling essentials are the Aussie leave in conditioner and The Wet Brush. If you want pain free, effortless de-tangling with a handle then it's your brush! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog


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