Asking For a Friend - Hair De-Tangling Tips

I love being the proud owner of long hair, love may seem a strong declaration and a little boastful but for someone who in the past was notorious for bad hair decisions this is my one success. In the past I have bleached my hair to the point it all snapped off and once shaved my head because...well I'm not really sure to this day why I did it but I did. To cut a long story short, I now have ass length hair that is a nightmare to comb out each and every time I wash it and I am at my wits end.

Like most people with thick and slightly dry hair I condition deeply at least once a week and douse my hair in leave in conditioner after each wash. While my hair is wet I do my best to gently finger comb out any large tangles, I then leave my hair to dry naturally before going to town on it with a Tangle Teezer. Before going to bed I normally pop my hair into braids to prevent tangling because I guess you never can be too careful? Now don't get me wrong the above combo does work to some extent but it is laborious and often painful.

Obviously some leave in conditioners work better than others: L'Oreal Elvive Conditioning Spray Full Restore 5 (£3.99) and Sacha Juan Leave in Conditioner (£22.00) are two of the best I've ever used and honestly not all that dissimilar, despite the vast price difference. I've tried the Wet Brush which is great but I prefer to brush my hair when dry; Tangle Teezers again are great but sometimes the wide teeth miss smaller tangles and combs, well combs get lost in my mane.

Now I have grew my hair out, I don't want to lob it all off in the sake of convenience so I ask all fellow long haired readers (past or present) for any tips or products you may have to make the whole de-tangling process a little easier.

Hit me with them, I'm open to all suggestions - well other than scissors!