Micro Pedi Nano

Forget sun's out, guns out - it's more like sun's out I suppose I best get a pedicure, in an attempt of removing all traces of a harsh winter and months of hiding behind boots and thick socks. If you are anything like me just the thought will fill you with dread - I don't like anyone as much as looking at my feet never mind touching them and I have a hundred and one other things I'd rather be doing. Enter the new and rather dinky not to mention utterly affordable Micro Pedi Nano.

It wasn't so long ago that the original Micro Pedi burst onto the beauty scene, transforming how we treated our feet forever. Admittedly the first design of the Micro Pedi was a little bulky in design and dare I say it not the most visually pleasing. Well the new Micro Pedi Nano remedies both dilemmas  - small (ideally sized for travel) yet quickly buffs the feet, making light work of dry skin - not to mention it comes in three bright colour ways (the hot pink option is exclusive to QVC UK).

Basically this hand held device makes light work of not only dry and thick skin but also hard areas, cracked heels, calluses and corns too without the need of several attachments. To use you simply switch on and gently roll the device over the dry foot and allow it to do the hard work for you. The crystal roller on the Micro Pedi Nano spins 30 times per second so the removal of problem areas are painless, quick and easy - not to mention mess free (if you've ever used a Ped Egg you'll know exactly what I mean).
The great thing about the Micro Pedi Nano is that the results are instant, from the very first use - I'll spare you the before and after images because eww. What I will say is that my feet feel like new - all traces of dry, dead and even hard skin has all but vanished from the very first use. My feet are now soft and smooth to the touch, all from the comfort of my home. I rather like that it is a non-committable product, I can use it if and when I need to knowing that it will deliver because who has time for a weekly pedicure? Not me that is for sure.

Micro Pedi Nano £29.99 via QVC - link.

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