Ted Baker New York Residency Candle

If America would adopt me as a citizen, I'd pack and leave today. To say I am obsessed with the land of the free is an understatement and try to visit yearly. If like myself your love for the USA runs deep then you will not want to miss out on the Ted Baker New York Residency candles - two are dedicated to famous American states: Miami (Florida) and of course New York.

At £28 the Ted Baker Residency New York Candle veers into the luxury home fragrance market and the packaging reflects this beautifully so. A stunning and intricate porcelain outer that looks more like an ornament than a candle, once you have finished with the candle you can clean this out and re-purpose as a vase or brush holder. Without as much as smelling the Ted Baker Residency Candle Collection I knew a few had to mine - the packaging is that good and I'm sure many will agree.

Forget Hollywood New York is the city and state of dreams for many and this is exactly what Ted Baker have aimed to create using a delicate blend of Vanilla and Cedarwood. It embodies an era past and has a certain regal and old school glamour vibe - think the roaring 40's (the inspiration is old school Brooklyn jazz clubs) and I guess you won't go far wrong. It isn't an overly feminine smell, it has a certain masculine edge thanks to the Cedarwood addition. I would describe Ted Baker New York Residency as a relaxing, perfect for the evening be it snuggling up or hosting a dinner party scent. It reminds me a little of Diptyque Vetyver Candle only this is a little creamier thanks to the vanilla note.

Does it smell of New York? Well that is open to interpretation. One thing that is for sure is that it is a beautiful candle, as is the whole collection. I plan on purchasing the Ted Baker Residency Candles in Sydney and Athens next.

Ted Baker New York Residency Candle £28 via John Lewis - link.

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