St.Moriz Shade Control Fast Self Tanning Mousse

I always feel a little better with a light tan but will no longer jeopardise the health of my skin in doing so - that's why I always fake it and never bake it. I'm pretty sure that is at least one tanning brands mantra? The problem with self tanning is that it isn't always fool proof and not all of us want a deep tan. Enter St.Moriz Shade Control Fast Self Tanning Mousse.

Not only is St.Moriz Shade Control Self Tanning Mousse a tinted mousse, that glides on to the skin with ease - showing you where you have applied it to avoid streaks and of course a patchy application. Unlike other self tanners this has been developed to offer three levels of intensity: for a light tan you simply apply, allow to develop for an hour and wash off, for a more moderate level of colour the same applies only leave St.Moriz Shade Control Self Tanning Mousse to sit on the skin for up to two hours. If a deep bronze tan is more to your liking, the good news is this can be achieved by waiting out three hours. Regardless of the desired tan level I think we can all agree it is fairly speedy for a self tanner of this type.

I have used St.Moriz self tanning mousses over the last few years and can vouch that they are an utter bargain - quick to apply and dry, offer up a guide colour to prevent mistakes, feature a lovely natural olive shade - that lasts up to a week. Another bonus is that they are easily found within Boots and Superdrug. If you are looking for a quick way to get a bronze glow then the new St.Moriz Shade Control Fast Self Tanning Mousse should be the latest addition to your bathroom shelf!

St.Moriz Shade Control Fast Self Tanning Mousse £5.99 via Boots - link.

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