Celebrity Fragrances

My beginnings within the world of celebrity fragrance started when I purchased Jennifer Lopez's J-Lo Glow, a first for both of us. Thanks to  magazines and most likely MTV I knew the exact launch date (September 2002), I squirrelled away all my pocket money and begged my Mother to take me to Debenhams to snap up a bottle of my own. I was obsessed with the white lily based scent and really did think I was the coolest kid on the block, drowning my clothing and body in the then pricey elixir. It must have been a pretty miserable experience for any one who had to sit beside me in class or on the bus but my gosh was I happy, in my mind I was one step closer to becoming J-Lo. Fun fact J-Lo was the US's largest selling fragrance of such year and

The other celebrity fragrance I can recall creating pandemonium among my rank of friends was Britney Spears Curious Eau de Parfum, launching back in 2004. I had grew out of my Britney phase (such a statement to type) by this point and lacked interest but I do recall it being the talk of the playground, and the scent of the girls locker room - hey it was a step up from Impulse Body Sprays. After that it somewhat becomes a blur, it seems everyone that played as much as a bit part in pop culture launched a fragrance - even the likes of Colleen Rooney and Snooki from Geordie Shore (yes really!). The novelty had long wore off for myself and I am sure others.

I'm sure the One Direction, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift et al fragrance launches do really well - there wouldn't be follow up editions had they not, but I fail to see the same levels of excitement from the younger generation or maybe I am just becoming a little long in the tooth. Maybe like myself it is a case of been there done that and they'd rather spend their money on tickets to see the act? I know I would - don't hate me but I'd happily go to a Taylor Swift concert.

It seems that if you are a celebrity (and in some cases I use the term loosely), it is expected to bottle your thoughts and sell them to the masses. I hate to say it but it has become a little naff - some smell incredible, which more often than not is unexpected but they certainly lack in the cool stakes. There doesn't seem to be any passion or creativity in the launches at the moment, just a quick way to make a buck or two using generic notes - much like when popular fragrance houses churn out a rose tinged version of their best selling scent.

Basically I am over celebrity fragrances, the excitement has gone and there is quite literally no one person within the media that could change that for me. Having said that I am grateful for the memories and hope that the younger Swifties (yep I went there) had a similar experience when Taylor by Taylor Swift launched.

Over to you, have celebrity fragrances had their day or do you still look forward to certain launches? More importantly (because I am nosey) what was the first celebrity endorsed scent you purchased.