Irrational Beauty Fears

There are certain products and beauty services I will never be fully comfortable with - y'know the procedures that perhaps are some what essential to your general upkeep (I say that like we are cars and not people) and yet require a mini-pep talk before undertaking?

I have three main "beauty struggles": one which I am sure most people will agree with, one that a small selection will understand as they may have had a similar experience, and another which may come across slightly odd. I'm an over sharer what can I say?

1, Eyelash Curlers - First of all I do not know why I torture myself by even looking at what can only best be described as a torture device for the eye area. I have the straightest eyelashes known to man - they do not curl full stop, not even a eyelash perm would encourage my lashes to as much as bend. Logical reasons for not reaching for eyelash curlers aside, we've all seen the images on the internet in which the users eyelashes have been ripped clean off. Ouch! I've been told that on the most part, those who do experience such pain have curled their lashes after mascara - rather than before but it is still a beauty activity and pain for that matter, I happy to forgo.

2, Visiting the Hairdresser - I've had numerous hair disasters over the years; some self inflicted, others I paid for the pleasure. When I was 16 I paid over £100 for my waist length hair to be turned bright orange - great if that is what your initial aim happened to be, not so much when honey blonde tresses is what you had in mind. To this day, I have a fear that the hairdresser will leave the hair bleach on too long and my hair will fall out. Tell me I'm not alone in this? One bad profession hair experience and instantly distrust anyone within the profession. To any hairdresser I visit in the future, I apologise for my one hundred and one questions. 

3, Massages - I want to enjoy them but I don't! Give me a facial any day and I'll float into a cloud of bliss but a stranger rubbing me down with oil and placing hot stones on my body? No thank you. I have tried several massage techniques from Swedish to Hot Stone, and all that is in-between - all that happens is that I seize up and end up getting hurt due to being so tense. As I am not a Masochist I think this is one I will sit out for the time being.

Hopefully you can either laugh or relate with my above musings?
Perhaps you have your own beauty fear that you'd like to share?