Birch & Brook London Library Candle

Two of my favourite and utterly simple joys in the world are: lighting a beautiful candle and curling up with a good book. Bliss. I know that somewhere along the line Kindles and electronic tablets have replaced the humble book but in my opinion you can not beat the smell or feel of a paper novel - it is a certain type of comfort nothing could replace and like I said simplistic. Tapping into this very idea is Birch & Brook London Library Candle, a heady yet soothing blend that was made for book worms and comfort seekers everywhere. If any candle was made to accompany an afternoon or evening reading session it is Birch & Brook London Library Candle.

Before I further discuss the scent let me tell you a little about the Birch & Brook Candles - each candle is hand crafted within the UK, using 100% natural wax made from GM free, organic and certified vegan ingredients with a natural fibre wick for even and clean burning. All the ingredients are sourced from renewable and sustainable sources and are free from chemicals, palm, paraffin and petroleum waxes. Excuse the terrible pun but I sure this will allow many of us to breathe easy in more than one way. All Birch & Brook candles burn evenly, they do not have a tendency to tunnel nor do they produce thick, heavy black smoke - the beautiful, glass containers that they are presented in can also be re-purposed. If purchasing a travel sized candle the cotton pouch that protects the candle is ideal for stashing jewellery in or for other small keep safe items.

I hate to draw comparisons to other brands but sometimes feel it is the easiest way to describe fragrances? If you are familiar with Byredo Bibliothèque candle  or to some extent, Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle but perhaps want something a little more affordable yet equally luxurious, Birch & Brook London Library Candle is the one for you. A distinctive blend of Guaiac wood and patchouli, mingled with cinnamon, clove buds, and soft base notes of cedar and moss - it really is something special. Best described as smoky and earthen, it conjures images of rain soaked afternoons spent nose deep in a good book. It is truly one of the best woody home fragrances I have experienced in a long while and is truly unisex. The scent throw is incredible, after one hour my entire home was filled with the smoky yet somewhat green aroma of Birch & Brook London Library Candle, which lingered around the room for several hours after snuffing it out.

Believe it or not the above candle is the travel sized edition, it is on par in terms of size with the Neom Travel candles. All of the Birch & Brook Travel Candles come beautifully presented in a dinky, drawstring pouch - ready for stashing in a case or bag and burn up to 40 hours. At £18 I would say it is an affordable slice of luxury and a great way to first experience the brand for yourself. 

Birch & Brook London Library Travel Candle £18 - link.

This post contains a press sample.