Eyelash Extensions Experiences

I was "blessed" with long eyelashes; long, flimsy, straight, white blonde tipped eyelashes that don't hold a curl not to mention easily weighed down with several volumising mascaras. That is not where my eyelash dilemma ends. My oily skin also makes mincemeat of just about all non-waterproof mascaras resulting in several black smudges, lining my brow bone throughout the day - a first world problem if ever there was one but irritating none the less.

The good news is that my dilemma, if you could deem it just that is easily remedied by false lashes; be they of the glue on variety from the local pharmacy or professional semi-permanent eye lash extensions. Every now and then I do dabble with throw away false eyelashes but I do long for something a little more perpetual. I often day dream about being the proud owner of a full set of eyelash extensions but my perhaps silly fears forever hold me back.

First of all I am terribly irritable and struggle to sit perfectly still for ten minutes, let alone a prolonged period - a required step in order for the treatment to take place. I am also less than keen to allow glue to be applied to such a delicate area of my face, by the hand of a perfect stranger no less. My biggest fear is that I will end up with some sort of eye damage (less than likely if you call upon the services of a fully qualified and accredited beauty therapist), my eyes being glued shut is the ultimate fear. This of course is not the most probable of situations and I am nothing more than a victim of my own imagination. After hours of research online the largest risk factor is seemingly eyelash loss and damage (shockingly next to no real horror stories were found), some of which is ultimately avoidable should the wearer heed the after care advice. The process is probably no more risky that getting your brows waxed, something I and so many others do with next to no thought.

I'm teetering on the edge of sucking it up and finally booking the appointment - long, fluttery eyelashes await but until then, somewhat hold my hand and share your experiences. Good, bad, mediocre - I want to read them all!