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Asking for a Friend - Eyelash Extensions Experiences

Eyelash Extensions Experiences

I was "blessed" with long eyelashes; long, flimsy, straight, white blonde tipped eyelashes that don't hold a curl not to mention easily weighed down with several volumising mascaras. That is not where my eyelash dilemma ends. My oily skin also makes mincemeat of just about all non-waterproof mascaras resulting in several black smudges, lining my brow bone throughout the day - a first world problem if ever there was one but irritating none the less.

The good news is that my dilemma, if you could deem it just that is easily remedied by false lashes; be they of the glue on variety from the local pharmacy or professional semi-permanent eye lash extensions. Every now and then I do dabble with throw away false eyelashes but I do long for something a little more perpetual. I often day dream about being the proud owner of a full set of eyelash extensions but my perhaps silly fears forever hold me back.

First of all I am terribly irritable and struggle to sit perfectly still for ten minutes, let alone a prolonged period - a required step in order for the treatment to take place. I am also less than keen to allow glue to be applied to such a delicate area of my face, by the hand of a perfect stranger no less. My biggest fear is that I will end up with some sort of eye damage (less than likely if you call upon the services of a fully qualified and accredited beauty therapist), my eyes being glued shut is the ultimate fear. This of course is not the most probable of situations and I am nothing more than a victim of my own imagination. After hours of research online the largest risk factor is seemingly eyelash loss and damage (shockingly next to no real horror stories were found), some of which is ultimately avoidable should the wearer heed the after care advice. The process is probably no more risky that getting your brows waxed, something I and so many others do with next to no thought.

I'm teetering on the edge of sucking it up and finally booking the appointment - long, fluttery eyelashes await but until then, somewhat hold my hand and share your experiences. Good, bad, mediocre - I want to read them all!

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  1. I loved them when I had them, they don't fall out and sit on your face, they last ages and can be customised so well sometimes you can't tell their fake! Re the eyes glued shut thing, I had them for over a year and only had a situation like this once, because I wanted a cluster of them in the outer corner the glue got on my bottom lash line too, it came off straight away minus any panic. It is a strong glue so could make your eyes feel sensitive, nothing bad! And it's SO relaxing you wouldn't believe, I think you'll actualky love it when you lie down ready for them! Hope this helps some...

  2. Look at the LVL lash treatment, it tints and curls lashes giving you longer, thicker lashes without the need for extensions. Thus irradicating the need for extensions and so no more gluey fears!!

  3. I have been thinking about eye lash extensions for a while or even a lash treatment. I have naturally very short spaced eye lashes and sometimes (even though it seems silly) feel less confident because of it. I may have to give them a go.

    Beth x

  4. I'm always curious about eyelash extensions/treatments as well :) I think you should give it a go if you can find somewhere reputable near you with good reviews!

    Kat |

  5. I wouldn't recommend eyelash extensions, the last one I had pulled many of my eyelashes out (from the root!!)! Never going back for extensions but treatments? Probably.

  6. I work in a spa that had a lash extension specialist, so we're always pretty busy doing extensions. The clients that get them LOVE them. You have to know it's a lifestyle though. I recommend that you test the glue with a few lashes at least a day before your full appointment to make sure you're not allergic. Then you'll have a relaxing two hours as you get an extension attached to every single lash you have. If you were to never see your specialist again (and really research who's good) you'll have them for around two months. However, most people get fills about every two or three weeks maintain the look they were going for. It can get pretty expensive. Also, since the extension lasts only as long as your real lashes do, if you shed quickly, the extensions fall out with them. A common misconception is that the extensions cause your eyelashes to fall out. Really your lashes naturally shed and the extension goes with. You just notice it more because the difference in size of your extended vs natural lashes. Just note that while you have them that you can't use any oily products (no cleansing oils or balms, and all makeup removers must be oil free) as they dissolve the glue and will make your application not last as long. I could never get extensions because I love facial oils and oil cleansing way too much!

  7. I've never had them before so I'm thankful for this post to read others' thoughts :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  8. I have seen my friends' extensions and they usually end up the same way. Starts off gorgeous but the in-between stages where the lashes drop off can be pretty difficult to go through. There will be noticeable gaps and uneven lash length when the lashes begin to fall out.

    I have actually wanted to try lash extensions out but am pretty nervous about the maintenance of it!

    x Min,

  9. I've never used false lashes nor have I ever considered lash extensions but the whole concept seems utterly bewildering to me. I think I'm the only weirdo out there who isn't big on long, fluttery eyelashes. Ah well, if you decide to go ahead with the extensions I'm sure you'll look great!

    Raise The Waves

  10. I'm with emilie on this one, try out LVL, I know it is hugely loved by lots of celebrities including Michelle Keegan and I've read such good things. From passed experience, eyelash extensions have gone differently for me each time but three out of the five times I found them supper irritating, slightly sore and uncomfortable causing watery eyes! Whilst they do always start out quite comfortably, they often end up looking patchy and ratchet... I actually ended up trying to pull them out at this point (NOT a good idea) and half my eyelashes came out. Application is also not the most fun/comfortable thing either. Definitely look into this LVL treatment, I know I'm going to :) let me know how it all goes if you try it xxx

  11. I have been think of getting lash extensions since so many people have had it an it looks amazing! But i use false lashes and individual lashes.

  12. Mine always end up looking slightly different on each side...and then it makes one of my eyes look bigger than the other one. Why is it so hard to put in fake lashes?

    The Artistically Challenged

  13. Eyelash extensions is a suitable option for getting longer and thicker eye lashes. Those who don't want to get permanent lash extensions can go for semi permanent lash extension.


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