No7 Early Defence Skincare

Just under a month ago a new skin care range from No7 aimed at those in their 20's launched - No7 Early Defence Skincare and it has all I have been using. Affordable with anti-ageing technology that will not overwhelm younger skin and most importantly, I feel it actually works. I say works, I don't have must to compare it to, the tricky part with being young (I'm in my twenties) is that most of don't have any visual signs of ageing. I have two whisper, thin expression lines of my forehead and that is it but on the plus side I do feel that they are less noticeable and on the whole my skin feels more supple and dare I say it bouncy - yes really! I haven't consumed any more water than usual nor have I changed my diet, yet my skin is far more plump which leads me to believe it has been the work of the No7 Early Defence Skincare range.

As we have all come to know and notice, most anti-ageing products are aimed at those over 35. Those with younger complexions may feel that the technology or texture of such lotions and potions are too rich for their skin type - I know that I do and often pass up anti-ageing products purely on this basis. I also worry that if I use such intense anti-ageing in my twenties , when I do reach my thirties and beyond that my skin will be used to strong anti-ageing technology that they won't be beneficial? There is no definitive proof but if we can grow accustom to anti-biotics and other medications I don't see how our skin will or can be any different. If you are young, I'd say a gently gently approach is the best which is where the No7 Early Defence Skincare collections comes in. Three products targeted at young complexions that won't break the bank.

No7 Early Defence Skincare

First up we have the No7 Early Defence Day Cream  (£19.50), this not only contains an SPF 15 to protect from the harmful UV rays but also Lipopeptides and Vitamin A - to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. This is all within a thick yet oddly lightweight cream texture that is quickly absorbed and really comfortable on the skin. It is non-greasy and somewhat illuminating without the need for shimmer particles. I would say this is suitable for all but those with particularly dry skin may want to team it with a serum for added hydration.  A great everyday moisturiser that  I would recommend to all in their twenties and even teens - it protects, prevents and nourishes, all for less than £20!

For night use we have No7 Early Defence Night Cream (£19.50) which is again is  lightweight, only the texture is more akin with a gel - cooling, hydrating and dare I say it a somewhat relaxing product. Again this contains both Lipopeptides and Vitamin A to keep the first signs of ageing at bay a little longer. The general conciseness is that by using both the night and day creams, the skin is not only protected from environmental damage but encouraged to somewhat self repair. Much like the day cream I would state that the No7 Early Defence Night Cream is suitable for just about every skin type, I do like to team this with a layer of facial oil before use just for a little extra hydration and repair as may those with dry complexions. The good news is that it doesn't overwhelm even the oiliest of skins nor has it broken out or further irritated my acne prone skin. It takes a lot for me to say this but I can hand on heart say that this is the best night cream I have found for my age group and would gently nudge all those within my age group and younger to make the investment. My skin has never looked fresher and as mentioned above my expression lines have somewhat been plumped out.

No7 Early Defence Skincare

Eye cream is also another tricky skin care category to nail when you are younger - I find that an abundance of anti-ageing eye creams are far too rich for my needs and never fully absorb! Well not Boots No7 Early Defence Eye Creamthis is a light, silky lotion that quickly absorbs without leaving behind any residue nor is it in anyway greasy. Much like the above creams this also contains Lipopeptides and Vitamin A line up to protect the skin and prevent lines from forming, as it is an eye product a little vitamin C has been added to reduce dark circles and puffiness. I have been using this day and night without any complaints - it does not irritate nor sting my eye area and it is ideal for applying make-up on top off. If I had one criticism it would be that I would have liked it to contain SPF for day wear but then again I do have an unnatural obsession with SPF! At just £13.50 I recommend this to all looking to find a great but gentle anti-ageing eye cream.

Like most Boots No7 believe that prevention is better than a cure, the idea is that if you start looking after your skin when you are young you will have less problems as you age. I can not recommend the No7 Early Defence Skincare  Collection enough - affordable with great ingredients and results. If you have young skin make this your next purchase!

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