The You Lipstick Shade

I'm about to hit you with some real talk...

Like most of my make-up musings, my moments of contemplation came from de-cluttering my stash. Armed with a handful of past their best and whittled down MAC lipsticks ready to trade in for a shiny tube of MAC Angel I realised that when it comes to lip colours, I seldom if ever step out of my comfort zone. When purchasing a lipstick or lip pencil if it isn't a milky, somewhat creamy nude based pink I'm not all that interested.

I know what you are thinking, this is a cry for help? A plea for you to help me break free from this habit? Nope, not even close, rather I am looking for your recommendations based on similar shades. At the moment and for a long time my fail safe nude pinks are: MAC Angel, Tom Ford Spanish Pink, Rimmel East End Snob Lip Liner and Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Native - all very, very similar and all very much me. Sure every now and then I bust out a red lipstick or really push the boat out and slick on a plum or berry hue but my fail safe lip shade is a nude pink and I don't see this changing any time soon. Why should it?

My advice for selecting your "you" shade? It should be a shade you feel utterly comfortable in, a shade that enhances not our your lips but your entire face. Forget the my lips but better theory - (unless that is your comfort blanket of shades) any lip colour goes.I guess when you know, you know!

So tell me what is your go to nude pink: any brand, any price - I want to expand my collection.