Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition For Her and Him

It's not often I get to feature fragrance for both her and him, and it is not often that I truly adore both scents so Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition is quite the rarity. Two beautiful bottles each adorned with crystals to mimic diamonds and each smelling better than the last - I honestly can not decide which edition of the fragrance I like best.

Gucci Guilty Diamond Eau de Toilette (from £41.50) for Her is a light, romantic (and somewhat sexy) floral blend that is intense enough for nigh wear yet has the softness which would lend itself well for day wear. Notes include Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Peach and Lilac which fuse together beautifully to create a pretty yet elegant floral blend. Although quite a sophisticated and altogether clean scent Gucci Guilty Diamonds Eau de Toilette has a certain freshness due to all the fruity additions such as Peach and Mandarin. If you are looking for something a little different yet classic at the same time this is the next fragrance I would seek out.

Now bear with me as writing about the world of men's fragrance is entirely new to me, so excuse me if this review is a little shaky at best. Gucci Guilty Diamond Eau de Toilette (from £38.50) for Him is of course the complimentary scent to the feminine edition but in my opinion it is almost unisex. Notes include Orange Flower, Neroli, Lemon, Lavender, Pink Pepper, along with Patchouli, Cedarwood and Amber - a clean, soft and dare I say it a little floral fragrance. Gucci Guilty Diamond Eau de Toilette for Him is very light but does linger on the skin. I would deem this to be a modern classic - clean yet sharp. I am tempted to say that I prefer wearing this to the her version! 

You can find both versions via The Perfume Store - link but as a warning they do happen to be limited edition.

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