Burberry at Debenhams

This morning I was trawling the Debenhams website seeking inspiration for a friends birthday gift, when I noticed that Debenhams now stock Burberry make-up. As this was news to me I figured others would be oblivious to the new brand addition too?

Up until very recently the only place that I was aware that sold Burberry Make-Up online (and was entirely reputable) was Harrods but now both Debenhams and Boots have joined the line up. This is good news for two reasons: one beauty points (and free delivery at Debenhams) and should a coveted product be sold out via one stockist you have at least two fall back options. I have been told that some Boots stores even have Burberry counters, I have yet to see one myself but the addition is most welcomed - I am unsure if Debenhams are or will be following by example but fingers crossed!