Weekly Favourites

I can not believe that there is only two days left of March! Seriously where does time go? I considered casting this post aside in favour of a monthly favourite edit but that wouldn't necessarily give me the room to go into the detail about each product. Basically I like to ramble and I'm sure most prefer more than a sentence on each product? Now that we are in Spring you may have noticed that my choices are a little lighter than normal...

I don't want to gross out anyone but up until this morning I was at the mercy of a large sty on my eye, rather than further irritate it I completely forwent any eye make-up and hide behind sunglasses. Two notable new additions and dare I say it favourite make-up products of mine for the last week or so have been: L'Oreal Infalliable 24Matte Foundation and MAC Cinderella Lipstick in Royal Ball. As my skin is less than perfect at the moment I require a fairly high level of coverage, yet the last thing I want is a flat complexion. L'Oreal Infalliable 24Matte Foundation is one of the best matte foundations I have ever used - it doesn't cling to dry areas yet offers a little oil control for those with oiler skin types. It glides on with such ease, the formula reminds me a lot of MAC Studio Sculpt yet less heavy. If you are a fan of matte finishes you need to try this! Look out for my full review of the foundation and matching primer later today.

Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of the MAC Cinderella line up but the lipstick in the shade Royal Ball has become my go to shade. A light, sheer pinky peach shade that is moisturising and very natural. It is a great everyday option, one of those shades I can keep at the bottom of my bag safe in the knowledge that it will go with every look and outfit. Isn't it such a shame that the best MAC shades tend to be limited edition?

Somewhat new acne medication has dried out my skin so to rebalance and restore I have been relying on Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil. I rave about the Clarins Treatment Oils almost weekly but I truly do accredit them for keeping my skin hydrated. A little on the pricey side yes but one bottle lasts for several months at a time and never irritates my skin. The best investment I have ever made in skin care.

If like myself you enjoy refreshing, uplifting and somewhat cooling fragrances than I can not recommend the new Body Shop Green Tea Cologne. It has yet to launch online but it is already out for sale in my local store! If you like green, non-floral and somewhat unisex fragrances then this is one I fully recommend.

Lastly I want to mention the new EcoTools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush, which is a oddly shaped hair brush that has been designed to allow ease of drying the hair. The shape allows the air from a hair dryer to reach more hair thus speeding up the overall use time - up to 40%, great for when you are in a rush. It is rather easy to use and hold, glides through the hair without snagging and of course cruelty free. I wouldn't personally say that it has almost halved my drying time but it certainly helps, as a brush it is great - really gentle on the hair but allows you to de-tangle and style much like you would with any other brush.

What have you been enjoying as of late?