Weekly Favourites #71

Today feels like Spring has sprung, the sun is out and for once I have natural light past 1pm in the afternoon. If it would just warm up a little I would be close to saying the weather is perfection. Today I have begun to Spring clean my house, which always seems like a good idea until you actually are half way in and it begins to feel never ending. Personal woes aside here is what I have been enjoying for the last week or so...

Weekly Favourites #71

On the make-up front I have been reaching for NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder almost daily which is a great all round setting powder. It beautifully sets my make-up, keeps oil at bay and is comfortable to wear. I do wish it was slightly better at perfecting the surface of my skin and disguising pores but as far as loose powders go it is a keeper.

I may have mentioned in the past that I am growing out my brows - well that is still the case and at the moment they are past unruly. As much as I adore brow gels now is not the time for them, the only product that is keeping my brows somewhat presentable is Anastasia Brow Wizz. A waxy, firm yet easy to apply and blend pencil that is a complete brow saver.

I was kindly sent a few pieces from the new RMK Vintage Sweets collection which is utterly adorable, so much so that my sister actually went out and purchased the same gloss as me - RMK Vintage Drop Gloss 01 Rose. A pretty pink swirled gloss that combines to create a natural gloss pout. Above is my sister's tube, all pristine and brand spanking new, mine of the other case has been well used and the swirls have next to no definition. Oh well,it's pretty, smells great and feels lovely on the lips - who's complaining? Another piece from the RMK collection I have been trying out is RMK W Color Mascara in Indigo Green. This funky mascara contains two shades: a blue and green which help to brighten and highlight the natural eye colour. As green mascara looks set to be a la mode this season I have been getting to grips with the concept by gently applying over lashings of black mascara. Subtle but effective.

Weekly Favourites #71

Call off the search I have found the perfect red nail polish in Nailberry Cherry Cherie Nail Lacquer - a bright, red orange that will look great on every skin tone and is so much more than a boring red. Gah I love it! The formula is wonderful too, two quick coats and you are good to go.

My skin is slowly but surely recovering from the acne treatment and one to the products I accredit for nursing it back to health is Bioderma Hydrabio Masque. This gentle leave on mask won't irritate nor overwhelm the skin but rather gently restores dry and dehydrated complexions. It has a light, lotion like consistency that is quickly absorbed not to mention it won't clog the pores nor leave behind a greasy film. A great skincare bargain.

Lastly I have been enjoying Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Lil' Angel Eau de Toilette - a bright, sunny, fruity yet floral scent that is so light and easy to wear. Isn't the little bottle adorable? I think I will have to collect the other four fragrances within this line up won't I?

What have you been enjoying lately?