Weekly Favourites

Annoyingly my street has been experiencing power cuts so my blogging has been a little sporadic as of the last two days. I think everything has been fixed - fingers crossed anyway. Rather than skip posting my favourite products altogether I thought I'd post them a little later than usual.

Weekly Favourites

Ignore the Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder in my photo, it has only been swatched and is not the shade I actually use but isn't it photogenic, in it's pristine condition ha! My acne hasn't been too bad lately so on days off I have been using Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder as a powder foundation to allow my skin to somewhat breathe. When I do wear foundation this is my current setting powder of choice, not only does it keep everything in place but it also adds a little additional coverage. This is easily one of my favourite pressed powders ever.

On my lips it has either been MAC Angel lipstick - I have lost count to just how many tubes I demolish each year. MAC Angel lipstick is my go everywhere, suit every occasion nude pink lipstick. I honestly can not be without it. I've also recently discovered MAC Dervish Lip Liner which is a little like MAC Soar Lip Liner albeit a smidgen deeper. 

If like myself you enjoy multi-purpose balms, that you can pop in your pocket for any emergencies you need to purchase L'Occitaine Ultra Soft Balm. This beautifully scented Apricot Balm can be applied everywhere and anywhere and only costs £4, all of which profits go to help women.

I realise that we are now in Spring but I won't be ditching Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Eau de Parfum any time soon. It is sensual, chic, sexy and dare I say it cool. I would deem it to be unisex but in my opinion it wears better on women but hey to each their own!

Weekly Favourites

Have you tried Soigne Nail Lacquer yet? I am fairly new to the brand and have to say I am nothing but impressed. At the moment I have short, square nails that lend themselves rather well to Soigne Bleuet Nail Lacquer

I've raved about the new Illamasqua Brow Gel's quite a few times now but I promise that they are not only easy to apply but so long wearing. I also find the colour matches to be perfect - so natural and easy to blend. If you are in the market for a new brow product look no further.

For me mascara is pretty hit and miss - my flimsy eyelashes are mostly to blame. At first I wasn't huge fan of Gosh No Limit Lash Mascara but after it has dried out a little I am quite the fan. It isn't the most dramatic of mascara's but it does give a little volume, length and definition making it perfect for everyday wear.

What have you been enjoying lately?