Taylor Swift Incredible Things Eau de Parfum

I am a Swifty, some things you don't think you'll ever type and yet here we are. I call out anyone who says they don't find at least one of her songs catchy. I'm calling you out bro, loud and clear. As much as I enjoy listing to Taylor Swift I truthfully never imagined I'd like nor wear one of her fragrance offerings. In fairness I am not a huge fan of celebrity eau de anything - they tend to be very samey and overly sweet, well not Taylor Swift Incredible Things Eau de Parfum.

First of all can we talk about the bottle? A pretty, watercolour splashed design that is bright, cheerful yet not gaudy - at least that is my opinion. Yes it is most likely targeted at teens but it somewhat reminds me (in terms of design) of the limited edition Clinique Happy in Bloom bottles?

Taylor Swift Incredible Things Eau de Parfum may surprise you, it is not a sugary sweet scent nor is it overly floral - it almost and I say almost, rings a little masculine. It is unexpected and dare I say it more grown up than her previous launches. Creamy with hints of vanilla and musk yet mellowed out with woody accords and hints of white amber and pink pepper. It is clean, sharp yet not at all overwhelming. I am really struggling to think of a comparison fragrance that is how different this is. If you are looking for a scent that is a break from the norm then I would highly recommend checking this out.

Taylor Swift Incredible Things Eau de Parfum £29/50ml via Superdrug - link.

This post contains a press sample.