Saturday, March 14, 2015

SewLomax SOS Kit

SewLomax SOS Kit

We've all been there a broken nail, a button pops off and we are in the middle of nowhere. Hardly a travesty but annoying none the less. For all those FML moments SewLomx have created a whole array of emergency kits be it for stashing in your car or for flights there is something for everyone. I was very kindly sent the SewLomax Gold Heart SOS Kit which is not just functional but super pretty too.

SewLomax SOS Kit
SewLomax SOS Kit

Inside the SewLomax Gold Heart SOS Kit you will find:
- a lip balm
- a hair tie
- x2 Kirby grips
- earring backs
- anti-bacterial wipes
- nail polish removal pads
- plaster
- safety pin
- mirror
- tampon
- emery board
- tweezers
- nail stick
- mending kit
- small hair brush
- breath freshener (mint)

Pretty cool isn't it? Perfect for stashing in a car glove box or in a weekend bag or perhaps in your office drawer? It would also make the ideal gift for someone who has everything but needs nothing. Next time you break a nail, get caught in a rain storm with freshly styled hair or need a plaster for a blister you are sorted!

The SewLomax SOS Kit range in size and prices £20-£30 - link

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  1. I love things like this so much, as when I makeup my own it seems to be super bulky!

  2. This sounds so practical! Everything that could be needed in one pouch


  3. I got a Sewlomax makeup bag for christmas and I love love love it! This looks amazing, what a fantastic idea!
    Hope you've had a great Wednesday,
    Bethany x

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