Friday, March 06, 2015

Lush Death and Decay Gorilla Perfume Review

Lush Death and Decay Gorilla Perfume

Admittedly had any other brand released a fragrance entitled Death and Decay I would instantly be put off but as it is Lush curiosity got the better of me. As a brand Lush often do they unexpected and rather well too.

"The pure scent of lily mingles with over-ripe tones of indole to give this fragrance a pungent, narcotic headiness. Let it transport you to a serene space where the fullness of beauty and its inevitable decay can be contemplated without fear. The message is one of meditation, acceptance and optimism delivered in a glorious, floral flourish."
Mark Constantine set out to challenge himself to create a fragrance that would be “surprisingly pleasant when you’re expecting something awful”, which truthfully was what I anticipated given the fragrance name. In my mind it would smell like rotting fruit or mould and be something only very few people would like. Rather the message behind the scent is that of meditation, acceptance and optimism - calm, zen and happy not eerie nor novel. Let's forget the name of the fragrance for a moment as it doesn't quite hint at how gentle and wearable this floral fragrance will turn out to be. It is perhaps a scent I would cast aside for the colder weather rather than the Spring/Summer as it can be a little strong and I do worry combined with heat it could be sickly and robust - in some senses it is a little reminiscent of incense.

The main notes of Lush Death and Decay Gorilla Perfume include Ylang Ylang oil, Tonka Absolute, Rose Oil and Jasmine Absolute - I realise it sounds bright and almost light but oddly when such notes combine it becomes very full on almost masculine on first sniff yet mellows down to an almost lily come incense based scent. If you like something a little out of the ordinary then I highly suggest checking this out in store as it is unlike anything out there.

Lush Death and Decay Gorilla Perfume £8-£30 via Lush - link.

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  1. Dying to try this!
    Emma xo |

  2. I tried this in store but I don't think it's for me - initially I really liked the scent but as the day wore on I found it died down to an almost 'powdery' old fashioned scent on me that wasn't to my taste x

  3. Sounds great and so unique!

  4. I am loving your Lush reviews! I'm honestly still not sure about what to expect with "Death and Decay". It certainly sounds unique!


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