Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If It Is Good Enough for Selena Gomez...

Voluspa Suede Blanc Votive Candle

I recently found out that Selena Gomez side steps super expensive candles in favour of Voluspa Candles, which is an equally luxurious yet affordable brand. Pretty refreshing to know that someone with more money than most of us can ever dream of shudders at the thought of literally burning dollar, dollar bills (yo!). As someone who is utterly obsessed with home fragrance I am just happy that she brought the brand to light (no pun intended).

As mentioned above Voluspa candles are what I would deem affordable luxury, each candle is beautifully presented within a glass holder that can be re-purposed (not worlds away from the likes of Diptyque). Each candle is hand poured and constructed of clean burning coconut wax which is free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates, free from ingredients that have been tested on animals and features a 100% cotton wick. Yeah suddenly all those pricey candles pale in comparison don't they? If you order direct from Voulspa they also through in free postage and packaging within the UK. I know this sounds terribly silly but I always feel cheated paying p&p - ridiculous but I am always more tempted to order if the postage is free.

At the moment I only own the Voluspa classic boxed votive (which is larger than you'd imagine at 3oz) in Suede Blanc. I went for the scent that I would typically be drawn to and purchase in-store, tricky when you can't physically smell the item. Luckily the gamble played off and is exactly what I enjoy - a blend of buttery soft leather and rich cedar, masculine yet fresh and like kinda sexy. If you are aware of either Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and/or Bath and Body Works Mahogany Teakwood this is the fragrance for you. If not perhaps a well groomed man would be a good description. Either way one of my favourite scents and candle purchases in a long time.

Like I said if it is good enough for Selena Gomez...

Voluspa Classic Boxed Votives £13 each via Voluspa - link.

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  1. I've seen this candle around but I might give these a try since they're about the same price as Bath and Body works candles minus all the sales.

  2. Sounds amazing! Maybe I should invest in more expensive scented candles... My Mayan Spirit candle from Evoka doesn't give off any scent at ALL!

  3. These look so lovely I can't believe they are so cheap! I know how you feel about postage charges, that is why I would much rather shop in a department store than pay/spend £50 for free delivery!

  4. I will have to check them out! They sound lovely! Nice review.

  5. Oooh I like the sound of these! Love your blog by the way.

    Love Lily x

  6. I love this brand! Some of my favs are Crisp Champagne & Makara.

  7. those candles look lovely. I have never tried that brand before.

    Skin & Anti-Aging

  8. in love with the packaging as well <3


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