Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day. There will be no new post from me today as I will be spending the day with my family, eating cake and reminiscing. I hope however you spend it that you have a lovely time. 

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  1. Hope you and your family have a lovely day !
    Distant Dreamer

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  3. omg this moring I saw a lot of people on instagram saying happy mothers day and went to my mum super excited like: MUUM happy day and she was like wtf?!! It seems that in Spain it's not the same day... and now how am I supposed to remember which day it is if everyone celebrates this in a different day??!! ahha so funny tho <3 (not sure why I explained my whole life in there haha) Have a lovely day xx

    1. Haha that is the cutest thing ever :) it is the thought that counts! Yes it is odd - I think most places it is May with the UK being a little different! So you don't miss out when it does come around in Spain (Día de la Madre) it is the 1st Sunday of May each year :) you too and when the next Mother's Day comes round too ;) x

  4. Happy that I found your blog! Really like it!
    It’s so beautiful!

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

  5. Hope you had a great day =]

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