Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia Eau de Toilette

It has been a while since I have ventured into Gucci fragrances but one that doesn't disappoint is Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia Eau de Toilette. Such scent is one of three within a family of floral based scents, each of which are based on a bloom from one of Gucci's iconic floral scarf prints. At the moment the 100ml size of Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia Eau de Toilette comes within a limited edition, printed box based on said scarves. Packaging aside this is a spectacular fragrance, one that is not only ideal for the Spring/Summer months but also everyday wear.

"Glamorous Magnolia celebrates the magnolia in all its guises: radiant freshness, velvet petals and an enduringly feminine sensuality. Glamour is assured. The Glamorous Magnolia woman is spellbinding in her allure. Confident, charismatic, she draws her audience in with a caressing touch."

I'm not sure everyone would agree with my personal description but I would deem it to be a candied fruity/floral - gentle, refreshing yet sweet. Think in the vain of the limited edition Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances that crop up each Spring and you will not go far wrong. Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia Eau de Toilette is a blend of white floral notes such as Magnolia coupled with crisp green accords, citrus zest, musk, sandalwood finished with a warm chocolate accord to give it a hint of sweetness. It is youthful  and flirty yet not in anyway cloying or over the top. Oddly this begins as a cooling fragrance but once it begins to dry down the chocolate and musk notes add warmth, essentially the best of both fragrance worlds. Although a gentle scent I find it is one that clings to my skin and wears exceptionally well - yes it fades ever so slightly throughout the day but what fragrance doesn't?

Even if Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia Eau de Toilette doesn't appeal to you there are two other fragrances within the Gucci Flora range to try. Heck you can even blend a few together to create your own bespoke Gucci scent.

Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia Eau de Toilette from £55 via Debenhams - link.

This post contains a press sample.