Kai Home Fragrance

I apologise for the somewhat nauseating post title but it is not at all misleading, for years now Kai has been the go to fragrance be it for the home or the body for the Hollywood elite. One whiff of the bright, white floral and you will understand why Kai is so irresistible.

The founder of Kai, Gaya Straza was inspired to create a fragrance to capture the scent of Hawaii while relaxing on such tropical island. It is care free, light yet lingering - it perfectly personifies the heat and blissfulness of somewhere tropical and is wonderfully apt at brightening up even the most gloomiest of days. In case you are wondering such A list  fans are said to include Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Bo Derek, Winona Ryder Naomi Watt, Kate Bosworth, Pink and many more.

A little more on the actual fragrance composition - a light, clean yet fresh blend of Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Lily and Cucumber; although floral it is mellowed out by strong green notes that personally remind me of fresh, cut grass. I've never been to Hawaii but I can imagine that it has a scent in the air - a blend of salty sea water, fresh flowers and of course the lush green landscape. Kai somehow manages to bring such daydream to life via the medium of fragrance.

The Kai range is expansive: body products, hair products, fragrance as well as home fragrance - there really is something for everyone. As much as I adore the fragrance for me it is best utilised when scenting my home, I like to light the large Kai Skylight Candle (£36) at night while unwinding or working. It is oddly uplifting yet relaxing at the same time - it is the type of fragrance I can imagine being used during meditation (not that I have any real idea).  I also have the smaller size which is the Kai Night Light Candle which is ideal for travel or simply gaining a feel for the brand. If for whatever reason you can not light candles at home there is the Kai Room and Linen Spray  (£42) which can be sprayed onto bedding and soft furnishings. 

Until you see your name in bright lights this may be the next big thing.
You can shop the entire Kai range via Liberty £15-£70 - link and Cult Beauty - link.

This post contains press samples.