Clinique Aromatics in White Make-Up Collection

Rather than post a press release with standard images I quickly shot the images of the Clinique Aromatics in White Make-Up Collection to share today before I test them out this weekend. Clinique Aromatics is one of those cult fragrances that you either love or hate and I feel the same applies to the newly launched white version. Personally I find both scents a little too heavy and mature for my tastes but the two new make-up items are something I can more than get on board with...

Clinique Aromatics in White Make-Up Collection

Clinique Aromatics in White All About Shadow 6-Pan Eyeshadow Palette £30 via House of Fraser

"Intensely pretty shades for eyes inspired by our new fragrance, Aromatics in White. Mix, match and layer to create a wardrobe of looks. Crease and fade resistant. Ophthalmologist tested, too. Here for a limited time only."

As you can see this is a pretty and somewhat neutral 6 pan eyeshadow palette. The shades run fairly warm with three shades of varying tones of brown, an olive green, a bright copper and a light highlighter. The pans of the eyeshadow palette are fairly on the small size but most eyeshadow brushes should be able to slot into the pans with ease. As a fairly compact palette it will be ideal for travel and everyday use - I will pop up a full review in the coming days but I can say from first swatches that the eyeshadows are fairly pigmented and should be easy enough to blend out.

Clinique Aromatics in White Make-Up Collection

Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Aromatics In White £16 via House of Fraser 

"Lip gloss juiced up with 8 hours of moisturising shine. In 18 shades from sheer to full intensity.
Spends every minute comforting lips. Moisture makes each one even more mouth-watering. Welcome to our juice bar."

I'm just going to say from the get go that I hate lip gloss so I am not the best person to ask for advice or a review on such product due to my bias. If you do like lip gloss then this could be a great shade to add to your collection as it is really universal, the shimmery transparency of the gloss gives the illusion of fuller lips when wore alone or a little extra dimension when applied over any other lip product. As far as lip gloss goes it isn't as sticky as others, over the weekend I will pop up swatches for those interested.

Both products are limited edition and are now available nationwide (House of Fraser, Debenenhams et al) which includes on Clinique counters.

This post contains press samples.