Products for Parched Winter Skin

The Winter in general can be rough on our complexions, typically I have oily/combination skin which is seldom dry and yet each Winter thanks to the combination of the harsh weather and artificial heat my skin does become dehydrated. One of my personal problems with skin care aimed at drier complexions is that it is a little too rich for my oily/combination skin type. It has taken me over a year but I finally have figured out what works for me when my skin is drier than usual, here are my recommendations should you be in a similar circumstance...

I touched on rich and heavy formulations above and I do find this to be most true as far as facial moisturisers go. As someone with typically oily skin rich textures do not sink into my skin and more often than with prolonged use I end up with blemishes and blackheads; far from ideal. My personal recommendations are Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + which is a light, lotion like product which despite its texture deeply nourishes, hydrates and soothes dried out skin. It works almost instantly and is my winter night cream of choice thanks to its hydrating qualities. When my skin is oily/combination this is a little too nourishing but perfect for the Winter weather. If your skin suddenly becomes dry/dehydrated I can not recommend Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly is the product that should be topping your to purchase list. Yes it the texture takes a little while to get used to but nothing in my stash hydrates the skin quite so instantaneously all the while without being overwhelming. If applied to dry areas of the skin (or all over the face) it quickly plumps and hydrates the skin eradicating any signs of typical dryness i,e tightness or flaky skin. Unlike the Clinique moisturiser mentioned above I find I can use this all year round and find it to be the perfect addition to my summer skin care routine to keep tanned (naughty I know) skin soft and supple.

If I am entirely honest I don't use toner nearly as often as I should, simply put it is not something I find myself reaching for all that honest. Whoops! I have been a little better in the last few months and two which I recommend to dried out skin include Dr. Jart Water + Act Skin Mist and Pixi Glow Tonic both of which are multi-tasking. Dr. Jart Water + Act Skin Mist is a light refreshing toning mist which can be used in a typical toner sense (after cleansing) or a facial mist spray to cool and calm the skin. It is free from preservatives, alcohol and fragrance and has been designed to encourage any product applied on top to work more thoroughly. I own a good few facial mists and find this to be the best when my skin is drier - it doesn't overwhelm the skin but it does leave it feeling plumper than usual. Next we have the now iconic Pixi Glow Tonic which is a toner come exfoliant. It contains Ginseng, Fructose and Aloe Vera which gently exfoliates the skin revealing softer and brighter skin. Much like the other toner product absorbs into the skin much better when this is incorporated into my skin routine. I don't typically like gritty exfoliants for my face as I find I tend to "scrub" a little too vigorously especially when I have dry patches so this is perfect. It really is gentle, even if you do have sensitive skin and after a few uses (four or five) I find dry patches are greatly reduced. As a side note I do find this helps keep my pores clear too.

My top two masks for dehydrated/parched skin are both sleep masks, one of which I use in the typical sense and the other as a deep, one a week moisturiser. Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask never leaves my bedside table in the Winter months, I don't have an exact routine as far as this mask is concerned and simply reach for it when my skin dictates. Although this is a creamy formula it is light, cooling and not at all overwhelming nor pore clogging. I tend to use this in place of my night cream when my skin is tight/dehydrated or simply dry. I apply as you would any other facial mask (less is more with this formula), leave to skin into my skin and gently tissue off any excess before drifting off to sleep. Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask not only rehydrates dry skin but leaves my complexion looking fresher. I also rely on Nuxe 24hr Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask when my skin is dried out but use it as an intensive moisturiser once a week to quickly eradicate any dry patches and tightness in my skin. It is extremely nourishing and perhaps a little to rich for my skin to be used more than once a week but for a quick pick me up I do slather this on in place of night cream. If you have really dry skin I do recommend picking this up at some point.

Clarins Blue Orchid this oil has been especially formulated for dehydrated skin to replenish without overwhelming or breaking the skin out. It is constructed from 100% pure plant extracts which includes Rosewood (antibacterial, soothing as well as promoting elasticity), Patchouli (anti-inflammatory, strengthens and enlivens skin cells) as well as the addition of Blue Orchid to tone the skin in a firmness sense, revitalise and restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin. The ingredient line up also includes Hazelnut Oil to help prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines. More importantly it actually works, this oil pretty much restored my skin within a week ridding it of both excess oil and dryness as well as oddly making my pores seem less noticeable and brighting my skin. I have no idea how or why this happened but hey I'm not complaining! Despite being an oil this does not feel heavy and is quickly absorbed. I utterly swear by this oil but if you are looking for something a little more affordable the other oil I fully recommend Bio Oil, no it doesn't fight blemishes but it does help scarring as well as being undeniably hydrating.

Roll on Spring, my skin, photos and I could do with a little more natural light and a break from the cold weather!