Palmers Olive Oil Hair Care Range

For over a fortnight now I have been solely washing my hair (approximately every two days) with Palmers Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. At first all was going well, my hair felt hydrated, smoother and generally in better condition, then suddenly came the knots. I'm talking about mini dreadlocks and not just at the nape of my neck which is fairly typical. My hair went from being slightly dry but manageable to something I couldn't control, I'm talking about knots in my hair that no amount of conditioner, tangle teezing nor finger combing could shift - in the end I had to cut a few out of my hair. Far from ideal. It may seem obvious that as Palmer Olive Oil Hair Care is the new only new addition and real change for that matter to my hair care routine that this was the problem and yet I blamed everything else.

You see on paper Palmers Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for my hair type - typically speaking I have 2A hair; wavy, coarse and thick yet with loose waves/curls. My hair is not easily weighed down and although a little texturally challenged it is fairly easy to manage on the whole. I purchased the Palmers Olive Oil hair collection as I had read nothing but positive reviews, the promise of extra hydration and the fact the majority of products are paraben and sulphate free really appealed to me. As I said above the first few washes went by wonderfully then suddenly my hair felt entirely different - dry yet sticky despite being more than rinsed clean. It almost felt like a greasy coating was forming on my hair after each wash, which then in turn encouraged my hair to feel crispy and of course prone to tangling. Two nights ago things really came to a head (no pun intended) when I physically had to cut two knots out my hair after all other methods had failed.

Putting two and two together I had no other choice but to determine that sadly Palmers Olive Oil Hair Care products were to blame, after a re-wash with Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo and a deep condition my hair is somewhat back to normal. I am in no way saying that everyone who uses the Palmers Olive Oil collection will suffer the same fate, far from it but I would say that unless you have exceptionally dry and/or coarse hair you do run the risk of this line creating product build up. Perhaps it is is best used when and if the hair needs a quick moisture boost rather than a continuous method of repair. All I know is that it certainly did not work out for me.