Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection

On March the 1st Jo Malone's annual and limited edition heritage collection will go both online and on counters nationwide - Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection. A line up of five fragrances (four brand new and one core addition) each of which celebrates the distinguished history of Britain and our defining areas. Quintessentially British yet daring and eccentric. Today I was lucky enough to try out all five fragrances and while each scent lingers on my skin let me share my thoughts...

As you can see all five bottles are decked out with little splashes of colour on the labels which also creeps on to the lids of each bottle. The delicate touches somewhat hint at the scent inside via the colour scheme for instance Jo Malone Tudor Rose and Amber cologne is rich and decadent much like the Bordeaux velvet ribbon on the cap, where as Jo Malone Lily of the Valley and Ivy Cologne is soft, light and delicate which is encapsulated by the mint green colour scheme. So without further ado here is my personal thoughts on each new (and beloved) cologne within the Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection...

Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection

Jo Malone Tudor Rose and Amber Cologne

"The dark grandeur of Tudor Rose and Amber, the heraldic Tudor rose, still used today as a royal symbol of England. Blended with opulent rose absolute, clove and ginger, to reinforce the spiced facet. Golden amber wraps the fragrance in warm sensuality. Rich, sumptuous."

As you may know the Tudor era was not without its bloodshed, as grim as this may sound it is somewhat represented within this scent thanks to a metallic base note. Forget what you know about rose scents as this does not fit this box at all, this is a full bodied rich, slightly spicy and indulgent rose scent. Not powdery in the slightest with rich notes of clove and amber. Warming, engulfing, original and a fragrance that demands attention. Personally I deem this to be an evening scent choice but if you like deep, powerful and somewhat sensual colognes you will undoubtedly enjoy this.

Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection

Jo Malone Lily of the Valley and Ivy Cologne

"Lily of the Valley and Ivy. Reminiscent of the pastel gentility of Georgian London. Sparkling cassis and green ivy open the fragrance while the dewy delicacy of Lily of the Valley and decadent narcissus add a lavish heart. Captivating, ethereal."

A period of luxury (for some anyway), imagine large, rolling, perfectly manicured stately gardens, Jane Austen and high tea. A certain British delicateness and dare I say it almost twee? This cologne is light, sparkling and very much an aquatic floral. The green ivy allows the overall fragrance to be refreshing yet the delicate floral lily note prevents it from being overpowering. In my opinion it reminds me of spring - dew on flower petals, the scent of new beginnings and freshly cut grass. Soft, fresh, clean and very feminine.

Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

"The Victorian era, a golden age embracing the English drama expressed by the enigmatic, ruby-rich depth of Pomegranate Noir. Luscious and juicy Pomegranate is layered with heady Casablanca lily and spiked with the cool spice, pink pepper. Sensual Guaiacwood weaves through the scent. Dramatic, intense."

A firm favourite and a best seller - Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne has been chosen to represent the Victorian era. A time when Britain was once considered a super power (due to the trade routes) hence the heavy scent choice. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir is a beautiful blend of bright, juicy fruit notes with a slightly spicy kick. It is easily one of my favourite Jo Malone fragrances of all time. It is classic, slightly sensual and unlike any other scent I own.

Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection

Jo Malone Geranium and Verbena Cologne

"The cool elegance of Edwardian summers. Of graceful attire and garden parties, captured in Geranium and Verbena. Aromatic verbena and basil are blended with refined and elegant geranium. Enveloped with coumarin and vetiver for a charismatic and unexpected scent. Clean, herbaceous."

Despite the fact this is has been labelled Jo Malone Geranium and Verbena Cologne which may seem to be clearly feminine this is as unisex a fragrance as I have ever come across. Inspired by the aristocracy of a bygone era this is a clean, slightly citrus-y fragrance that is crisp yet slightly green and herbal based. Like a brisk walk in the countryside on a Sunday in the Spring. The great British countryside bottled up, ready to wear in essence. This will layer beautifully with any of the other four Jo Malone Rock the Ages colognes as well as Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne.

Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection

Jo Malone Birch and Black Pepper Cologne

"And Britain, today. It's rebellious roots in punk, existing side by side with and enduring respect for tradition, evoked by Birch and Black Pepper. A scent of contrasts. Black pepper and cardamom add a cool spiciness. layered with smoky birch. An accord of magnetic ink juxtaposed with the smooth warmth of gurjum. A surprising, sensual scent. Individual, audacious, stylish. Just like Britain."

My personal favourite, it is androgynous, super sexy and perfectly embodies the UK as it is now. Jo Malone Birch and Black Pepper Cologne is glam, rugged cool edge- a scent you'd perhaps imagine would grace a leather jacketing wearing celebrity. It is understated yet demands attention - strong yet not overpowering, masculine yet not obviously so with a deep kick. Yet on the flip side it is also clean and refreshing, like the British rain we know only to well yet vamped up like the buzzing night life of any major UK city. Trust me when I say you need to try this, it is beyond description and pretty much love at first sniff. Perhaps my favourite scent of 2015 thus far...yes I realise it is only the 20th of January and a little soon in the year to be decreeing this but it is that special. 

Jo Malone Rock the Ages really is a special collection and one I am sure will pretty much sell out instantaneously when all five new colognes launch on the 1st of March. Each Jo Malone Rock the Ages Cologne will cost £42/30ml.

This post contains press samples.