Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Arran Aromatics Stargazer Valentine Candle

Arran Aromatics Stargazer Valentine Candle

The day of love is nearly upon us - just three weeks away so you may be on the look out for gift inspiration or perhaps a product or two to gently nudge your partner in the direction of?
If like myself you enjoy a beautiful, scented candle then the new and limited edition Arran Aromatics Stargazer Valentine's Candle may just be something to book mark.

Arran Aromatics Stargazer Valentine Candle

Presented within a intricately, floral etched glass complete with a chrome lid/snuffer and a heart shaped gift box (lined with red frazzle paper), this really is the perfect treat for a loved one - even if said person happens to be yourself.

Arran Aromatics Stargazer Valentine Candle

Unlike the majority of Valentine's aimed fragrance gifts this is not a red rose scent rather the Arran Aromatics Stargazer Valentine's Candle has been created to mimic a bouquet. It is a blend of fresh white floral notes such as jasmine, orange flower with an addition of tuberose to create a little depth and increase the scent throw. I am not a huge floral fan - normally I find them a little too overpowering and/or dated but this is a fresh, modern scent that is delicate and super feminine. It somewhat reminds me of Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette. As a side note don't you just adore the fragrance name? Stargazer, I don't know about you but in my opinion it seems oh so romantic and wraps up the fragrance of this candle wonderfully so.

Valentines day or not I will be burning this in the coming evenings. 
Who said the single life was all bad ha!

Arran Aromatics Stargazer Valentine's Candle costs £20 and is an online exclusive, 
find it here via Arran Aromatics - link.

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  1. This looks so stunning which weirdly is more important to me than how they actually smell haha! As part of a couple who don't celebrate valentines day I'll definitely be staying in with a few candles, my favourite lush bath bombs and perhaps a large glass of wine! Hope you have a good one :) xxxx


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